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Basic Terms and Concepts

In philosophy, you'll spend much of your time reading, evaluating and constructing arguments.  Fortunately, making arguments is something we do everyday.
        Ex. All people should be treated justly, and ugly people are still people, so they should be         treated justly.
On this website, we'll provide you with definitions of some of the most important terms that philosophers use in discussing and evaluating arguments, explain some useful techniques for evaluating arguments and provide exercises, with answers and explanations, that will allow you to test and develop your skills.  
I. Arguments and Argumentation

II. Basic Forms of Statements

III. Validity and Invalidity, Soundness and Unsoundness

IV. Forms of Argument
V. Interlude: Things Aren't Always Easy

VI. Conditions

VII. Practice Exercises

VIII. Solutions to Practice Exercises
IX. Rotating Validity Exercises