Some favorite opinions about Stanford

Isaac Stein, former Board of Trustees Chair and member of the Board for ten years, in an interview for the Stanford Report: “...I think it's important to remember that even the Harvard Crimson referred to Stanford as the only true American university. Stanford has always marched to a different beat. We aspire to excellence in everything we do and we do it more broadly.... So what I think the Crimson meant is that we're not a transplanted model of the European university system.... One of the greatest rewards of working as chair of the board has been that there are very few times in our lives that we get to touch an institution that truly makes a difference in the world and not just to us as individuals. Stanford is such a place.”

Lowell Price, Ombudsman and former Trustee Board secretary, in an interview for the Stanford Report on the occasion of his retirement after 37 years with the University: “Stanford has gone from a really excellent place to a truly stunning, spectacular university that's an international treasure.... I congratulate the people who are here, the staff who work here, the faculty who teach and do research and the students who learn here.... Stanford is a vibrant, interactive community and people who choose to be here have made a wise choice.”

Gordon Earle, Vice President for Public Affairs, in an interview for the Stanford Report profiling him in that new role: “One of the reasons I came to Stanford is precisely because it is doing exceptional things — for students, in conducting research — things that have the potential to change the world.... Because of the positive things that Stanford does, I hope to make a difference.”