Ciprian Manolescu


Here is a repository of files that accompany the paper "From zero surgeries to candidates for exotic definite four-manifolds" by Ciprian Manolescu and Lisa Piccirillo.

Here is an improvement of the PLink editor used in SnapPy, which can be used to manipulate links by Reidemeister moves. This was developed by Eric Scott Frankel and Tyler Shibata as part of an REU that I supervised (jointly with Lisa Piccirillo) in summer 2020.

Here is a Haskell program for calculating the Heegaard Floer homology of large surgeries on knots. The program is mostly the work of Damek Davis, with a few minor additions by myself.

Back in 2005 I wrote some computer code (in MATLAB) for generating Heegaard Floer complexes.

Nathan Dunfield has the Software Archive, with various programs useful in low-dimensional topology.