david hills


I did my undergraduate work at Amherst and went on to graduate school at Princeton. Since then I’ve taught in the philosophy departments of Harvard, UCLA, The University of Pennsylvania, The University of Michigan, Berkeley, and Stanford. I resumed my graduate career a little while back — from a distance, as it were — receiving the PhD in 2005. I am relieved to discover that least one aspirant to the degree took even longer about it than I did; I share his taste in fruit but not his touching faith in free markets:http://www-news.uchicago.edu/releases/06/060821.baum.shtml

My interests continue to center in aesthetics, but they have spilled over into nearly every branch of the subject at one time or another. For a few details, see my research statement. I am on the editorial board of an online journal, The Philosophers’ Imprint, and a member of The American Society for Aesthetics.




Some of my Rilke translations