Estelle Freedman, 
10:30-11:30 a.m. Wed. in Hist (Bldg 200) rm. 7  & by appt. at FemStu (call 3-2412)
Karin Wahl-Jorgensen 
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Wed.  Office: 5-0367 
Serra House 25 (FemStu upstairs) 
Lynn Schler 
11 a.m.- 1 p.m.  Monday 
History (Bldg 200) 106
Shawn Gerth 
3:30-4:30 p.m. Tuesday 
History (Bldg 200) 204
Susana Gallardo, Religious Studies       *Office hours sign-up* 3:15-4:30 p.m. Wed.  Office: 5-0367 
Serra House 25 (FemStu upstairs) 
FS101 Film Screening Schedule
Meyer Library
~     ~     ~
Small Happiness (view by 10/1)
9/28       rm.184        7-8pm
 9/29         rm.183   7:30-8:30pm
9/30       rm.183        6-7pm
A Veiled Revolution (view by 10/13)
10/8       rm.183        7-7:30pm
10/9       rm.183        7-7:30pm
10/12      rm.184        7-7:30pm
Global Assembly Line (view by 10/27)
10/22       rm.184        7-8pm
10/23       rm.184        7-8pm
10/26       rm.184        7-8pm
Choosing Children (view by 11/12)
11/9       rm.184        7-8pm
11/10       rm.184        7-8pm
11/11       rm.184        7-8pm
Voices From Inside (view by 11/26)
11/23       rm.184        7-8:30pm
11/24       rm.184        7-8:30pm
11/25       rm.184        7-8:30pm
Health Resources 
for Students 

Sexual Assault and  
Sexual Harassment 

Sexual Harassment Coordinating Advisor Laraine Zappert at 327-8259  harass@leland 

Residence Deans, Office of Residential Education  725-2800 

Cowell Sexual Assault Response and Recovery Team (C-SARRT) 

Cowell Sexual Assault Prevention 
Sally Baird 725-4211 
Self Defense, Safety, & Security 

Campus Police   9-911 

SURE Escort Service 725-SURE 

Self Defense through Cowell Health Promotion  725-4211 

Women Defending Ourselves 289-7944 

Bay Area Model Mugging 


The Bridge (24-hour peer counseling) 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)  723-3785 

Support Network for Battered Women 
Nutrition and Eating 

Cowell Nutritionist 
Call for Appointment: 723-4841 

Nutrition Services 723-1999 

BIFSE-Body Image, Food, and Self-Esteem Group 723-0545 

Sexual Health Peer Resource Center, Cowell  723-3739 

Safer Sex Shoppe, Firetruck House 

LGBCC-Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community Center  723-4222 

AIDS/HIV Anonymous Testing and Peer Counseling  725-3190 

Tutoring and Writing Resources     10/7/97 
  • WCT TUTORIAL CENTER: The Writing and Critical Thinking Tutorial Center is located in Wilbur Module A, room 21, Escondido and Campus Drive.  There is a conference schedule/sign-up sheet on the back of the door. Wendy Goldberg, tutor, can be reached at wendyfay@leland (also at 856-8518 and 3-0360).

    • CTL offers students the help of PEER WRITING TUTORS (tutors are nominated by WCT instructors, who consult in their training). Tutoring takes place in Meyer Library, rooms 311 and 317, from Sunday through Thursday. The time schedule of each individual peer tutor (including resident tutors) is now posted on the web. "To avoid 'double-booking,' students no longer sign up in CTL for the Meyer tutors. They should now request an appointment at the time of their choice by e-mailing the tutor scheduled in that slot." 
    • Six dorms (Kimball, Lantana, Mirrielees, Roble, Toyon, and West Lagunita) have RESIDENT WRITING TUTORS (additionally, a few non-resident writing tutors will also offer hours in the dorm).  Students can e-mail resident tutors for appointments or drop by in the hopes of filling an open slot. 
    • An ONLINE TUTOR can be consulted at writutor@CTL or on the web.  Note: At present, all peer tutors available to work directly with WCT classes have been assigned. However, Stephen Peng, the Student Writing Coordinator for the Center for Teaching and Learning, has suggested that other tutors might be interested in working with WCT should the demand arise.

  • ACADEMIC RESOURCE CENTER (ARC), Arilliga Family Sports Center, Dining Hall: ARC academic tutoring is most frequently used by, and oriented toward, athletes but is available to any Stanford undergraduate. 

  • DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS/ENGLISH FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS (EFS): EFS courses are open to undergraduates by special permission only. The EFS program can provide students with a list of tutors ("fee arrangements must be made independent of the English for Foreign Student program"). Cristy Juencke (3-1310) is available to talk to instructors concerning students' difficulties with spoken or written English.

  • EL CENTRO CHICANO'S WRITING AND MENTOR PROGRAM (ECCWMP): Rosalinda Ramirez is coordinating the ECCWMP, which is "designed to further assist [students] in developing university level writing skills (both in English and Spanish) and in navigating academic life at Stanford." Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:30 - 4:00 pm at El Centro Chicano.  Hours will be added as needed. Students can drop by or reach Rosalinda at 3-3091 or LRamirez@leland.

  • DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER (DRC): Meyer, room 123, 3-1066. Instructors can consult counselors at DRC about referring students for diagnosis or counseling.  Students are also welcome to visit the DRC independently. 

  • COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES (CAPS), Cowell Student Health Center: 3-3785 (all hours). Students who are diagnosed with writing phobias can find help at CAPS.  Students can set up appointments directly;  instructors can also speaks with counselors about referring students. CAPS sponsors a range of workshops and support groups. 

     THE BRIDGE: 3-3392 or drop in (563 Salvatierra Walk). Peer counselors at the Bridge are available to talk to students any time. The Bridge sponsors a variety of workshops and support groups. 

I. Graded Writing Assignments 

  • 10/13   Topics distributed for Paper #1 (5-6 pp)
  • 10/20   Paper #1 due at beginning of class; rewrites due_10/27
  • 11/17   Topics distributed for Paper #2 (5-6 pp)
  • 11/24   Paper #2 due at beginning of class; rewrites due_12/1
  • 12/3     Final paper topics distributed (10-12 pages)
  • 12/10   Final papers due in History Dept. office by 3 p.m.
II. Ungraded writing assignments (must be handed in on time for credit): 

A. 1-2 page weekly responses to required reading due to section leader before section, starting Oct. 2-3 

B. 1-2 page responses to required films due to section leader by day film is assigned on syllabus, except where otherwise noted: 

    • 10/1  "Small Happiness"  [58 min.]
    • 10/13 "A Veiled Revolution" [27 min.]
    • 10/27 "Global Assembly Line" [58 min.]
    • 11/5  "Still Killing Us Softly" and "Mirror, Mirror"

    • [films shown in class; responses due in section] 
    • 11/12 "Choosing Children" [45min.]
    • 11/26 "Voices from Inside" [60 minutes; response due in class 12/1
    Complete Film Screening Schedule below
C. 4-5 page small group summary/evaluation paper, due at last lecture (12/3), based on ongoing journal and short thought pieces for small groups 
Some Tips for Graded Papers:   

     We are interested in how well you comprehend the issues raised in readings, lectures, and films and in your abilities to express your views clearly and persuasively.  Papers will be evaluated on clarity of argument, use of evidence, and stylistic presentation.  At the beginning of a paper, state your thesis or argument in response to the question or topic; then structure the paper clearly to establish your points; use topic sentences to show where the paper is going; avoid overgeneralization (re: historical periods, cultures, classes, races, etc.--look for patterns but be aware of distinctions).  Some common pitfalls: women are victims; nothing changes; my experience (personal, family, group) is the most relevant; my experience (personal, family, group) is not relevant (i.e., "I can't speak because I'm not the most oppressed").  

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