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Research Interests

Today’s construction management tools do not represent and communicate the spatial and temporal, or four-dimensional, aspects of construction schedules effectively. They do not allow project managers to create schedule alternatives rapidly to find the best way to build a particular design. We lack a formal, computer-interpretable representation of construction knowledge and its relationships to a 3D design representation. My research group formalizes this knowledge within a 4D(3D plus time) framework. This formalized knowledge enables project managers to create and update schedules rapidly and to integrate the temporal and spatial aspects of a schedule as 4D models. These intelligent 4D models support computer-based analysis of schedules with respect to cost, interference, safety, etc., and improve communication of design and schedule information.

Active Research Project and Initiatives

4D Modeling Tool and Interface
Linking Design and Construction with Construction Method Models (NSF)
Product, Process, and Organization Prototyping for Concurrent Engineering (NSF)

Virtual Construction:

Recent Research Projects and Initiatives

Co-organizer Annual CIB W78 Workshop
Virtual Building Research Workshop
Collaborative 4D CAD
Four-dimensional Production Models for Factory Conversion Projects (SIMA)
Assembly-planning Using Desktop Virtual Reality (SIMA/CIFE)
Concurrent Design of Facilities, Delivery Processes, and Organizations (CIFE)
Modeling and Managing Coordination and Dependence among Firms within a Virtual Corporation (SIMA)
Circle Integration (CIFE)
4D Model for San Mateo County Health Center (CIFE)

Other Recent Initiatives

Berkeley-Stanford CE&M Workshop
Workshop on Using 3D and 4D Models

Examples of 4D Models

">- Bay Street Project (courtesy DPR Construction, Inc.)


Manfred Breit, University of Applied Sciences, Aargau, Switzerland, on CMM project
Thomas Froese, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Leonidas Guibas, Computer Science Department, Stanford University
Barbara Tversky, Department of Psychology, Stanford University
Terry Winograd, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

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