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Research Group

Postdoctoral Scholars

Liangyi Yue
Hybrid-coordinate, nonhydrostatic ocean modeling and surface/internal wave interactions.

Doctoral Students

Jacob Castaneda
Surface/internal wave interactions and remote sensing.

Wenhao Chen (Coadvisor: Sarah Billington)
Bridge scour modeling.

Akshay Patil
Wave-current, sediment-laden boundary layers.

Yinuo Yao (Principal advisor: Craig Criddle)
CFD of particle dynamics in fluidized bed reactors.

Peiyun Zhu
Influence of surface waves on atmospheric boundary layer turbulence and its impact on offshore wind power.

Undergraduate Students

Carlos Manuel Ciudad-Real, 2019-2020, Honors thesis: "Evaluating the economic feasibility of tidal and wave energy in California: A Monte Carlo approach"

Duncan Mactavish, 2019, Topic: Designing a solar panel system for continuous turbulence measurements

Marianne Cowherd, 2018-2019, Honors thesis: "Observations of boundary layer dynamics in South San Francisco Bay"

Sienna White, 2017-2019, Honors thesis: "No impediment to the sediment: A numerical model for sediment flux and flocculation in San Francisco Bay", Winner of the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

Former Doctoral Students

Joe Adelson, 2020, "Remote sensing of suspended sediment in San Francisco bay using satellite and drone imagery".

Eric Mayer, 2020, "Idealized oceanic lee waves: Theory and numerical experiments of ocean currents flowing over sinusoidal bathymetry".

Kurt Nelson, 2018, "Simulating sediment dynamics in shallow-water wave- and current-driven environments", Now: Senior Data Scientist, Uplift.

Yun Zhang, 2017, "Numerical modeling for hydrodynamics and suspended sediment transport in estuarine marshes", Now: Data Scientist, Uber.

Gonçalo Gil, 2017, "Mass transport and shear-flow dispersion due to nonlinear internal gravity waves", Now: Co-Founder/Data Scientist, Commerce.AI.

Kara Scheu, 2016, "Sediment transport due to river plumes in stratified, rotationally-influenced lakes", Now: Scientist, Integral Consulting, Inc.

Robert Arthur, 2015, "Numerical investigation of breaking internal waves on slopes: Dynamics, energetics, and transport", Now: Staff Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Sean Vitousek, 2014, "Towards internal wave resolving simulations of the ocean", Now: Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Phillip Wolfram, 2014, "Secondary flows and dispersion in channel junctions", Now: Scientest at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the COSIM group.

Sergey Koltakov, (ICME) 2013, "Bathymetry inference from free-surface flow features using large-eddy simulation", Now: Senior Data Scientist, Apple.

Bing Wang, 2012, "Multiscale numerical simulations of a complex macrotidal tidal-river estuary", winner of the 2011 Lorenz G. Straub award given for the most meritorious thesis in hydraulic engineering, ecohydraulics, or related field.

Vivien Chua, 2012, "Three-dimensional, unstructured-grid numerical simulations of hydrodynamics and scalar transport in San Francisco Bay", Now: Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore.

Dujuan Kang, 2011, "Energetics and dynamics of internal tides in Monterey Bay using numerical simulations", Now: Assistant Research Professor, Rutgers University.

Zhonghua Zhang, 2010, "Numerical simulations of nonlinear internal waves in the South China Sea", Now: Quantitative Analyst, Houzz.

Yi-Ju Chou, 2009, "Numerical study of sand ripple dynamics in turbulent flows", Now: Associate Professor, National Taiwan University.

Sheng Chen, (ICME) 2009, "Adaptive error estimators for electromagnetic field solvers", Now: Founder and CEO, JOYN Network Technology Ltd., Shanghai.

Steven Jachec, 2007, "Understanding the evolution and energetics of internal tides within Monterey Bay via numerical simulations", Now: Research Physicist, Zel Technologies.

Karan Venayagamoorthy, 2006, "Energetics and dynamics of internal waves on a shelf break using numerical simulations", winner of the 2006 Lorenz G. Straub award given for the most meritorious thesis in hydraulic engineering, ecohydraulics, or related field, Now: Associate Professor, Colorado State University.

Former Postdocs

Galen Egan, 2020.

Justin Rogers, 2017-2018, Now: Coastal Ocean Modeler, Jupiter Intelligence.

Bing Wang, 2015-2018.

Matthew Rayson, 2012-2015, Now: Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia.

Sean Vitousek, 2014, Now: Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Navid Tahvildari, 2011-2014, Now: Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University.

Yi-Ju Chou, 2009-2011, Now: Associate Professor, National Taiwan University.

Jun Lee, 2008-2009.

Mike Barad, 2006-2009, Now: Research Aerospace Engineer, NASA Ames Research Center.

Karan Venayagamoorthy, 2007, Now: Associate Professor, Colorado State University.  

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