On December 13, 2013, we had a second annual Peay/Fukami Labs end-of-year party. Like last time, each of us talked about our favorite paper of the year over treats and drinks. These papers, the best papers of 2013 (or another recent year) according to us, are listed below. (If you are curious about the papers we picked last time, here is the list.)

Best papers of 2013

Babikova Z, Gilbert L, Bruce TJA, Birkett M, Caulfield JC, Pickett JA, and Johnson D (2013) Underground signals carried through common mycelial networks warn neighbouring plants of aphid attack. Ecology Letters 16: 835-843. Link

Ellers J, Kiers ET, Currie CR, McDonald BR, Visser B (2012) Ecological interactions drive evolutionary loss of traits. Ecology Letters 15: 1071-1082. Link

Fahrig L (2013) Rethinking patch size and isolation effects: the habitat amount hypothesis. Journal of Biogeography 40: 1649-1663. Link

Findley K, Oh J, Yang J, Conlan S, Deming C, Meyer JA, Schoenfeld D, Nomicos E, Park M, NIH Intramural Sequencing Center Comparative Sequencing Program, Kong HH, and Segre JA (2013) Topographic diversity of fungal and bacterial communities in human skin. Nature 498: 367-370. Link

Forrest JRK and Thomson JD (2011) An examination of synchrony between insect emergence and flowering in Rocky Mountain meadows. Ecological Monographs 81: 469-491. Link

Packer C, Loveridge A, Canney S, Caro T, Garnett ST, Pfeifer M, Zander KK, Swanson A, Macnulty D, Balme G, Bauer H, Begg CM, Begg KS, Bhalla S, Bissett C, Bodasing T, Brink H, Burger A, Burton AC, Clegg B, Dell S, Delsink A, Dickerson T, Dloniak SM, Druce D, Frank L, Funston P, Gichohi N, Groom R, Hanekom C, Heath B, Hunter L, Deiongh HH, Joubert CJ, Kasiki SM, Kissui B, Knocker W, Leathem B, Lindsey PA, Maclennan SD, McNutt JW, Miller SM, Naylor S, Nel P, Ng'weno C, Nicholls K, Ogutu JO, Okot-Omoya E, Patterson BD, Plumptre A, Salerno J, Skinner K, Slotow R, Sogbohossou EA, Stratford KJ, Winterbach C, Winterbach H, and Polasky S (2013) Conserving large carnivores: dollars and fence. Ecology Letters 16: 634-641. Link

Rineau F, Shah F, Smits MM, Persson P, Johansson T, Carleer R, Troein C, and Tunlid A (2013) Carbon availability triggers the decomposition of plant litter and assimilation of nitrogen by an ectomycorrhizal fungus. The ISME Journal 7: 2010-2022. Link

Vellend M, Baeten L, Myers-Smith IH, Elmendorf SC, Beausejour R, Brown CD, De Frenne P, Verheyen K, and Wipf S (2013) Global meta-analysis reveals no net change in local-scale plant biodiversity over time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 110: 19456-19459. Link

Wilson CG and Sherman PW (2013) Spatial and temporal escape from fungal parasitism in natural communities of anciently asexual bdelloid rotifers. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280: 20131255. Link