On December 12, 2014, we had a third annual Peay/Fukami Labs end-of-year joint lab party. We talked about the papers published in 2014 that each of us liked the most. These papers, the best papers of 2014 according to us, are listed below. (If you are curious about the papers we picked before, check out our 2012 and 2013 lists.)

Best papers of 2014

Dirzo R, Young HS, Galetti M, Ceballos G, Isaac NJB, Collen B. 2014. Defaunation in the Anthropocene. Science 345: 401-406. Link

Ellison AM, Gotelli NJ, Inouye BD, Strong DR. 2014. P values, hypothesis testing, and model selection: it's deja vu all over again. Ecology 95: 609-610. Link

Emery NC, Ackerly DD. 2014. Ecological release exposes genetically based niche variation. Ecology Letters 17: 1149-1157. Link

Giovannoni SJ, Thrash JC, Temperton B. 2014. Implications of streamlining theory for microbial ecology. ISME Journal 8: 1553-1565. Link

Hillesland KL, Lim S, Flowers JJ, Turkarslan S, Pinel N, Zane GM, Elliott N, Qin Y, Wu L, Baliga NS, Zhou J, Wall JD, Stahl DA. 2014. Erosion of functional independence early in the evolution of a microbial mutualism. PNAS 111: 14822-14827. Link

Hom EFY, Murray AW. 2014. Niche engineering demonstrates a latent capacity for fungal-algal mutualism. Science 345: 94-98. Link

Kulmatiski A, Anderson-Smith A, Beard KH, Doucette-Riise S, Mazzacavallo M, Nolan NE, Ramirez RA, Stevens JR. 2014. Most soil trophic guilds increase plant growth: a meta-analytical review. Oikos 123: 1409-1419. Link

Lundberg DS, Yourstone S, Mieczkowski P, Jones CD, Dangl JL. 2013. Practical innovations for high-throughput amplicon sequencing. Nature Methods 10: 999-1002. Link

Morlon H, Kefi, S, Martinez ND. 2014. Effects of trophic similarity on community composition. Ecology Letters 17: 1495-1506. Link

Sachs JL, Skophammer RG, Bansal N, Stajich JE. 2014. Evolutionary origins and diversification of proteobacterial mutualists. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281: 20132146. Link

Tedersoo L, Bahram M, Polme S, Koljalg U, Yorou NS, Wijesundera R, Villarreal Ruiz L, Vasco-Palacios AM, Thu PQ, Suija A, Smith ME, Sharp C, Saluveer E, Saitta A, Rosas M, Riit T, Ratkowsky D, Pritsch K, Poldmaa K, Piepenbring M, Phosri C, Peterson M, Parts K, Partel K, Otsing E, Nouhra E, Njouonkou AL, Nilsson RH, Morgado LN, Mayor J, May TW, Majuakim L, Lodge DJ, Lee SS, Larsson KH, Kohout P, Hosaka K, Hiiesalu I, Henkel TW, Harend H, Guo LD, Greslebin A, Grelet G, Geml J, Gates G, Dunstan W, Dunk C, Drenkhan R, Dearnaley J, De Kesel A, Dang T, Chen X, Buegger F, Brearley F, Bonito G, Anslan S, Abell S, Abarenkov K. 2014. Global diversity and geography of soil fungi. Science 346: 1256688. Link

Tellier A, Moreno-Gamez S, Stephan W. 2014. Speed of adaptation and genomic footprints of host-parasite coevolution under arms race and trench warfare dynamics. Evolution 68: 2211-2224. Link

Vellend M, Srivastava DS, Anderson KM, Brown CD, Jankowski JE, Kleynhans EJ, Kraft NJB, Letaw AD, Macdonald AAM, Maclean JE, Myers-Smith IH, Norris AR, Xue X. 2014. Assessing the relative importance of neutral stochasticity in ecological communities. Oikos 123: 1420-1430. Link


Botero CA, Gardner B, Kirby KR, Bulbulia J, Gavin MC, Gray RD. 2014. The ecology of religious beliefs. PNAS 111: 16784-16789. Link