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The Cambric Mask (1919)

The Cambric Mask (1919) Vitagraph Co. of America. Distributor: Vitagraph Co. of America. Director: Tom Terriss. Scenario: Eugene Mullin and Tom Terriss. Camera: Joe Schellinger. Cast: Alice Joyce, Herbert Pattee, Maurice Costello, Roy Applegate, Bernard Siegel, Jules Cowles, Martin Faust, Florence Deshon. 5 reels This film appears to be LOST

Lobby Card from The Cambric Mask The caption reads: "Rose assists John Sark in his botanical pursuits." Alice looks more like a creature of nature here than the rescuing heroine she would become later in the film. Apparently her western experience stood her in good stead. Thanks to Gail Orwig for this picture.

See also a Lantern Slide advertising this film from the collection at the Cleveland Public Library

Review from the New York Dramatic Mirror
Review from Moving Picture World

Review from the New York Dramatic Mirror, April 15, 1919

"The Cambric Mask"

Vitagraph, Alice Joyce, Directed by Tom Terriss, Story by Robert W. Chambers


Box Office Value Great

Exhibitor Comments: "Alice Joyce scored strong." Advertising advantages derived from Chambers story."

Entertainment Good
Dramatic Interest Good
Technical Handling Good
Coherence Good
Acting Good
Setting Fair
Photography Good
Atmospheric Value Fair
Quality Fairly Good

Minden, leader of a band of "White Riders," has stolen information to the effect that a railroad company wants to purchase a piece of land owned by John Sark. When Sark finds a mask of one of the Riders made from the handkerchief of his sweetheart, Rose Ember, he suspects her of complicity. But his faith in her is restored when she saves him from death at the hands of the Riders, who fail to take the property away from him.

Review from Moving Picture World,, April 5, 1919

"The Cambric Mask."
Alice Joyce Starred in Vitagraph Production with Maurice Costello Supporting.
Reviewed by William J. Reilly.

VITAGRAPH'S PICTURE, "The Cambric Mask," has elements making for popular appeal, but it suffers at the same time from too much attention to the details of a well-worn story. There is little love interest as the girl is won by the hero at the outset. The main story deals with an attempt of a band of "White Riders" to force the sale of valuable property, and the characters are whirled from one scene to another without being given a chance. Alice Joyce is features and is likable in the comparatively few opportunities she has of displaying real personality.

Maurice Costello again seen in a Vitagraph picture, fills to good advantage the role of the strong-armed hero. The makes riders will give the production popular appeal.

Rose Ember Alice Joyce
Robert Ember Herbert Pattee
John Sark Maurice Costello
Henry Murden Roy Applegate
David Creed Bernard Siegel
Daniel Guernsey Jules Cowles

Story by Robert W. Chambers.
Directed by Tom Terriss.

The Story
John Sark is the owner of a piece of land coveted by Henry Murden, leader of the band of "White Riders," who has purloined the information that a railroad wishes to buy the property. Sark is a naturalist and has for an assistant Rose Ember. He discovers one of the rider's masks which is made of one of Rose's handkerchiefs, and this introduces a mysterious element into the love affair. The mask belonged to her father. The riders try to force Sark's hand, but are obliged to capture him. Rose, seeing Sark lead away, dons a mask and riding close to his horse, cuts his bonds. Sark kills Murden, and, finding that his savior was Rose, is once more happy in his love.

Program and Advertising Phrases: Mysterious White Riders, Near Revenge, Thwarted by Daring Efforts of Heroine.
Mask of White Rider Made of Girl's Handkerchief Only Serves to Lead Here to Action
Alice Joyce Features in Role of Heroine Who Saves Lover from Death in Murky Swamp.
Maurice Costello Returns to Vitagraph in Story of Night Riders Led by Cruel Desperado.
Heroine Dons Masks of Dreaded Riders to Save Lover and Win Father to Better Life.

Advertising Angles: Play up Miss Joyce, but do not neglect to let your public know that this is from a story by Robert W. Chambers bearing the same title. Use such descriptive lines as "A romance of the white riders," "Girl's filmy handkerchief a mask of death," "Girl rides with midnight murderers to save her sweetheart's life. Stress the fact that this is a strongly romantic story with vivid action and a well-marked heart interest. Make a mask out of a fine handkerchief and display in the lobby with a card reading "Did any lady patron drop this?" Display in advance of the full billing to lead into interest in the title.

Advertising Aids: One design each one, three and six-sheets. Window cards. Lobby display, 11x14 and 22x28. Heralds. Slides. Plan book. Press sheet.
Released April 7

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