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Serene is the adjective most writers choose to describe the lovely Alice Joyce. With a serious and usually placid demeanor, Joyce was an unusual star in the 1920s. She started in films in 1910, and swiftly advanced in popularity, dropped out of films in the mid teens and again in the early 20s to care for her children, then returned to the screen in more important films than ever. After having been a contract player in routine programmers in the teens, she now freelanced, and was in demand whenever an actress of particular distinction and dignity was required. Unlike most stars, she was willing the play the mother of adult children, roles which were older than her real years. She nabbed some plum roles in great films in the 20s, including two memorable proto-feminist parts in Dancing Mothers (1926) and The Homemaker (1925). Thoughout her career she was referred to as "the Madonna of the Screen.

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The Madonna of the Screen

The life and career of Alice Joyce


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The Silent Ladies photo gallery on Alice Joyce

Contemporary articles

Popular "Movie" Actress
by Mary Chamberlin
Theatre Magazine, May 1913

by Frederick James Smith
The New York Dramatic Mirror, June 18, 1913

The Venus of the "Movies"
Cosmopolitan, November 1913, p. 839-840

A Chat with Alice Joyce
by Roberta Courtlandt
Moving Picture Magazine, October 1914

Alice Joyce, Honeymoon Truant
by Pearl Gaddis
Photoplay Magazine, May 1915

Pretty Alice Joyce
Film Flashes, 1916?

Tricks with a Chafing-dish: How Alice Joyce Camped Out in the Studio
by Helen Lowell
Motion Picture Magazine, July 1917
(thanks to Frederica for this and the next one)

Alice Joyce's vacation
by Elizabeth Reid
Motion Picture Magazine, July 1917

Alice for Short
by Frederick James Smith
Photoplay Magazine, October 1917, p. 77+

The Lady of Vast Silences
by Ada Patterson
Photoplay Magazine, March 1920, p. 85+

Watching Alice Joyce
by Harold Howe
Dramatic Mirror & Theatre World, November 27, 1920, p. 1017

Alice, Where Have You Been?
by E.V. Durling
Photoplay Magazine, May 1924, p. 72+

Films Online

The Colonel's Escape
on youTube with English intertitles and
the EYE youTube channel with Dutch intertitles

The Runaway Engine
the EYE youTube channel

Mexican Filibusterers
the EYE youTube channel

Slim Jim's last chance
the EYE youTube channel

The Hero Track Walker
the EYE youTube channel

The Organ grinder
the EYE youTube channel

Films on Video

Selected Bibliography

Other materials on the Web

A Louella Parsons interview with Alice Joyce in Taylorology 63

"Anent Alice (Joyce) Mary (Pickford) Moore and her Very Proud Mother
from The Green Book Magazine v.16 on Google Books

Short biography on Golden Silents

The First One Hundred Noted Men and Women of the Screen
by Carolyn Lowrey (1920) includes an article on Alice Joyce

Miss Madelyn Mack, Detective (1914) by Hugh Cosgrove Weir
was issued in conjunction with Kalem's Madelyn Mack films and contains several pictures of Joyce. It's online at The Internet Archive and Google Books

A picture of Alice Joyce's Grave

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