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News and other miscellaneous photos
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      Jane identified this
as an Alfred Cheney
Johnston photo
Frederick portrait from Motion Picture Magazine, 1926
      A lovely portrait
from Motion Picture
, August 1926,
(thanks to David Menefee
for this picture)
Frederick wearing a dark dress and hat and carrying a purse Tinted Beagles postcard with a pink dress with dark trim and feathered hat Framed picture of Frederick touching chin
A lovely portrait by Melbourne Spurr, courtesy of Cleo from Luxembourg Heres a picture from an Argentine news archive donated by Henrik Dahle A nice Beagles postcard from Derek Boothroyd A framed picture kindly send to me by Paul Cunningham
Front and back of a cute mini playing card by the Brazilian firm of Granado & Filhos from around 1920. Thumbnail is about half size. From EBay    

Frederick's Fashions

This group of pictures, mostly dating to her stage years, were made available by Randy Bigham. Click on thumbnails to view larger pictures

Part of a fashion spread from Harpers Bazaar, October 1914, under the title "The stage as the mirror of fashion." Frederick models gowns by Drecoll.

The caption on the left reads: "The moyenne âge style is particularly becoming to Miss Pauline Frederick who plays the leading role in "Innocent" at the Eltinge Theatre. Chiffon is swathed around a corselet of green satin and below it falls a full tunic glistening with jet and spangles which catch the light and toss it back again in dazzling fashion. When the wearer of such a frock is blessed with beautiful shoulders and arms like Miss Frederic's the dictum eliminating sleeves is a delight." Frederick from Harpers Bazaar The caption on the right reads: "Chiffon and lace lend a misty outline to the evening gown worn by Miss Pauline Frederick in "Innocent." They fall in long sinuous folds, veiling but not concealing the sheathlike foundation of satin, swathe the neck and shoulders like a lovely cloud and are draped in back to form one of the new pointed trains. A length of the satin is wound around the waist and hips, giving the waistless silhouette now so much desired."

Frederick from Photoplay 1915 Frederick in a dress by Drecoll, in a Photoplay fashion spread in the November 1915 issue. The dress was worn in the stage play Innocent in 1914-15. The caption reads: French Evening Gown of King's Blue chiffon, embroidered in gold over flesh-colored satin. This is Miss Frederick's own importation, and has just arrived from Paris.
You can also see this dress in color on the cover of Motion Picture Magazine, July 1917 (thanks to Frederica)

Frederick's stage career

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Here are scans of a program for Frederick's 1914 play "Innocent" (it's amazing what you can find on E-bay!). I put up a PDF version of this in the Internet Archive

Innocent program 1 Innocent program 2 Innocent program 3 Innocent program 4

"Innocent" must have been a very popular play. Here is sheet music for the Grahame Jones song Towsee Mongolay that Frederick sang in the play.

Towsee mongolay sheet music 1 Towsee mongolay sheet music 2 Towsee mongolay sheet music 3 Towsee mongolay sheet music 4

A picture from Vogue, 1914. Caption reads: Sportswoman, as well as actress, is Pauline Frederick, who came fresh from the Maine woods, where every year she hunts big game, to open "Innocent," which is playing at the Eltinge Theatre
(thanks to Randy Bigham for this picture)
Frederick from Vogue, 1914
Frederick from Theatre cover A slightly cropped picture which appeared on the cover of Theatre magazine. The costume is from Joseph and his Brothers.
(Thanks to Cleo in Luxembourg for this scan)

Another Ebay find, here is the cover and some pages from a January 1925 San Francisco Curran Theatre program for the Martin Brown play The Lady, with Frederick in the part played by Norma Talmadge in the film version that opened at around the same. It opened in San Francisco on January 25, directed by Lillian Albertson. Besides Pauline Frederick, the cast included June Elvidge, George Barraud, Charles Coleman, Norman French, Howard Nugent, Rose Dione, Madeline Gray, Marguerite Garnier, Mons. Maurice, Philip Hubbard, Hanley Stafford, Derek Glynne Eugene Borden, Felix Verbeck, Eugene Borden, Ruth Helen Davis, Adele Charlton, Ivy Crane, Douglas Crane Jr. I added a PDF of the whole program to the Internet Archive.

Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925 Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925 Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925 Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925
Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925 Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925 Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925 Curran Theatre program for The Lady, 1925

Here are scans of a publicity flier and program for a 1926 run of the play version of "Madame X" by Alexandre Bisson at the Spreckels Theatre in San Diego. This was directed by Lillian Anderson. Besides Pauline Frederick, the cast included Myra McKinney, Tudor Owen, John Merkyl, Olaf Hytten, Eugene Borden, Paul Fix, Howard Nugent, Rupert Drum, Madeline Grey, Katherine Lang, Edward Woods, Harry Vejar, Jules Garrison, Ary de Leoni, and Clark Gable (!). I also put PDFs in the Internet archive: Madame X flyer, Madame X program

Madame X flier, outside Madame X program, outside
Outside of flier Outside of program
Madame X flier, inside Madame X program, inside
Inside of flier Inside of program

Here are scans of the front and back of aa publicity flier and program for a early 30s performance of the play "The Crimson Hour" at the Curran Theater in San Francisco, co-starry Huntly Gordon. Her very last stage performance was in this theater. This play seems to have escaped the notice of biographer Muriel Elwood, as did the earlier Curran performance of The Lady. I also added a PDF of this to the Internet Archive.

Crimson Hour Currant Theater flyer Crimson Hour Currant Theater flyer other side
Inside of flier Inside of program

Frederick from Vogue 1915 Photo from the stage play The Guilty One, with Pauline Frederick & Charles Waldron. The back of the photo notes that it was at Selwyn Theatre opening March 20, 1923.
(thanks to Derek Boothroyd for this picture)

News and other miscellaneous photos

Frederick from Vogue 1915 Frederick in a picture from Vogue, January 14, 1915 credited to Jean Darnell. The caption reads: Pauline Frederick, who has but lately closed a long run in her melodrama, "Innocent," has gone to Bermuda to complete a series of motion picture films for "Bella Donna." Miss Frederick posed in Rome this summer for a motion picture of "The Eternal City," and is here smiling at her snapshot friend in Central Park.
(thanks to Randy Bigham for this picture)

A picture from Motion Picture Classic, November 1918, said to be from a Goldwyn Liberty Loan Film.
(thanks to Randy Bigham for this picture)
Frederick at a liberty bond film from Motion Picture Classic

Newspaper article on marriage of Pauline Frederick and Hugh C. Leighton Unidentified magazine clipping from a gossip column by Cal York on one of Pauline Frederick's marriages. The caption reads: Polly and her fourth. Pauline Frederick, admired star of the stage and screen for years, with the new husband, Hugh C. Leighton. Miss Frederick is said to be returning to the stage, not caring for the talkie angle.

A picture of Frederick and her mother. Another picture from this photo op at their home appears in the Photoplay article A Flyer in Pasts Frederick and her mother

Frederick and Wlll Rogers And another from the same photo session, which appeared in "Behind the Screen" by Samuel Goldwyn (New York : George H. Doran Co., 1923).
Here's a page from the 1930 census showing Frederick and Mumsie (Loretta) and their servants still living at 503 Sunset Blvd. Hobart Bosworth lives next door. Thanks to Frederica for this! 1930 census page
Frederick cigarette cards from Godfrey Phillips Co. Here's the front and back of a cigarette card, for some reason with a round shape.
The cover of a stationery box courtesy of Julie Fields. Stationery box cover
Obituary Frederick's obituary appeared in the Motion Picture Herald of September 24, 1938.

Here's scans of a bunch of clippings that i got on eBay

A Paramount Ad
from David Menefee

Here are scans of a bunch of photos and a scan from the 1923 Blue Book of the Screen sent by Jane of the Historical Ziegfeld site

From her Australian
tour of Spring Cleaning
in 1925 by C.J.Frazer

From her Australian
tour of Spring Cleaning
in 1925 by C.J.Frazer

A "Big Gun" card front & back
from Derek Boothroyd

Unidentified Stills

None at the moment. The last two here were identified as belonging to La Tosca. and One Week of Life.

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