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Diva Pop Quiz

All of the answers to these questions can be found in the websites of the four silent divas above (the pictures link to their sites if you need to brush up). No prizes, but you can bask in the knowledge that you are truly an obsessive silent film fan. If you want to share your answers (maybe you'll find some i missed) or are stumped, email me.

1. For which studio did all the above actresses make at least one film?

2. Which two actors made films with all of these actresses?

3. What actress appeared with three of these ladies, and played a role originally announced for the fourth?

4. Which of these actresses remade a film originally made by one of the others? Name both and the films. (There are two answers to this question)

5. Which director was married to one of these divas and made films starring two of the others? Hint--He is most closely associated with a very famous diva who you will find back on my home page.

6. Which two of these actresses appeared together in a film? Name the film while you're at it (extra credit if you know in which they appeared in the same scene). (There are several potential answers to this)

7. Here's a question from James Bazen (who as far as i know is the only person who has yet tried this quiz!): Two of these actresses were releasing independant productions through the same distributor. Who were the two actresses and who was the distributor?

If you think of any more questions connecting my divas, let me know and i can add them to the list.

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