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Department of Economics
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road
Coventry CV4 7AL

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Lecture Slides on Mathematics for Economics for PhD Students

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Published Books:

Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis, 6th edition (with the late Knut Sydsæter, Andrés Carvajal, and Arne Strøm)

Further Mathematics for Economic Analysis, 2nd edition (with Knut Sydsæter, Atle Seierstad and Arne Strøm).

Handbook of Utility Theory (edited with Salvador Barberà and Christian Seidl)

Co-edited Festschrifts:

Incentives, Organization, and Public Economics: Papers in Honour of Sir James Mirrlees (edited with Gareth Myles)

Assets, Beliefs, and Equilibria in Economic Dynamics: Essays in Honor of Mordecai Kurz (edited with Aliprantis, C.D.; Arrow, K.J.; Kubler, F.; Wu, H.-M.; and Yannelis, N.C.)


Tributes honouring Knut Sydsæter (1937–2012).

Global Thermostat; Co-author's company that has developed devices for direct air capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.