Huy Tuan Pham

I am a Third year PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at Stanford University. I am very fortunate to be advised by Professor Jacob Fox. I previously obtained my BS in Mathematics and MS in Statistics with Honors and Distinction from Stanford University, and a Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics with Distinction from the University of Cambridge. I am currently supported by a Two Sigma Fellowship.

Research Interests

Additive combinatorics, probabilistic methods in combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, probability theory, theoretical computer science, deep learning.



Probabilistic Combinatorics

Additive Combinatorics

Deep Learning Theory

*: Author ordering is randomized.

Theoretical Computer Science, approximate sampling and counting


Past and upcoming seminars

Selected Awards and Distinctions

Rank 1 - Part III of the Mathematical Tripos - University of Cambridge, 2019.

Pure Mathematics Prize - University of Cambridge, 2019.

Morgan Prize Honorable Mention, 2018.

Kennedy Thesis Prize in the Natural Sciences - Stanford University, 2018.

Deans’ Award for Academic Achievement - Stanford University, 2017.

Gold Medal - International Mathematical Olympiad, 2014, 2013.