KelaseDars (a.k.a KhanacademyFarsi)

The Story

It was around Fall 2012 that Sal Khan visited Stanford. What he was doing in Khanacademy inspired us (Shima, Reza, Alireza, and Sahar, all PhD students at Stanford at the time) to do what they were doing, but in Farsi. In about 12 months of part-time to full-time voluntary work, we recorded hundreds of videos for high schoolers in subjects such as calculus, geometry, physics, game theory, and so on. KelaseDars has delivered more than 3,000,000 lessons so far, to Farsi-speaking students all around the globe.


My 280+ videos, as well as all other videos of our team can be found in KelaseDars wesbite, or KhanacademyFarsi wesbite. If your internet speed is such that YouTube does not work, This Platform has compressed versions of the same videos.