Computation and Cognition: the Probabilistic Approach

Class Info Calendar

Week of Sept. 25

Introduction: Belief, reasoning, and probability. Graphical models and probabilistic programs.

Lecture notes

Homework: Church / LISP basics.


Week of Oct. 2:

Generative models and conditioning. Discussion on levels of analysis.

Homework: Excercises on Generative Models and Conditioning.


Week of Oct. 9:

Causal vs. statistical dependency. Patterns of inference.

Homework: Excercises on Patterns of Inference, also work on mini-project.

Mini-project for class on thursday.


Week of Oct. 16:

Learning as inference. Occam's razor.


Week of Oct. 23:

Heirarchical and mixture models.

(Work on project proposals!)


Week of Oct. 30:

Non-parametrics and relational models.

Project proposals due Saturday!


Week of Nov. 6:

Logic, recursion, and grammar-based induction.


Week of Nov. 13:

Social cognition.


Week of Nov. 20:

Thanksgiving break.

Week of Nov. 27:

Inference algorithms and process models.


Week of Dec. 4:

Project presentations!

Presentations will be Dec. 4, 1:30-4p.

Each project team will present a short summary. We'll go in reverse alphabetical order.

Project reports are due Saturday, Dec. 8, by midnight.