Course Information


Bioimaging is important for both clinical medicine, and medical research. This course will provide a introduction to several of the major imaging modalities, using a signal processing perspective. The course will start with an introduction to multi-dimensional Fourier transforms, and image quality metrics. It will then study projection imaging systems (projection X-Ray), backprojection based systems (CT, PET, and SPECT), systems that use beam forming (ultrasound), and systems that use Fourier encoding (MRI). Prerequisites EE102A,B, recommended: 178 or equivalent.

Class Time and Location

  • MWF 10-10:50
    Hewlett Teaching Center Rm 101


  • Weekly homework and labs (30%)

  • Midterm (30%)

  • Final/Project (40%)



Medical Imaging Signals and Systems
Jerry L. Prince and Jonathan Links
amazon link


Student MATLAB
Available at the Stanford Bookstore (upstairs)