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QUaD is funded by the National Science Foundation in the US, and in the UK by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
QUaD is a bolometric array receiver that is being used to search for polarization in the CMB. The spatial distribution of polarization contains important information about cosmological parameters and about the origin of temperature anisotropies in the CMB. Although the signal is tiny (1-10% of the temperature fluctuations) the scientific rewards are large. A measurement of polarization has the potential to distinguish between inflationary models by measuring the amount of primordial gravitational waves that are a relic of the inflationary epoch.
The QUaD focal plane QUaD receiver peeking though primary; Dec 2004 Foam cone lift Dec 2004.  Picture credit Robert Schwarz QUaD team members work on the telescope. Picture credit John Kovac
Latest News
QUaD has completed its observations and new results are now available.

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