Emerging Concepts in Emerging Disease

List of possible activities for course contract

(Please see important notes below.)

+ Revise paper from The Vaccine Revolution
+ Attend infectious disease grand rounds - Thursday afternoons
+ Attend infectious disease working rounds as observer
+ Create virus related web materials
+ Create virus instructional media or reference lists
+ Compile lists of virus related web pages
+ Virus related models, cartoons, and/or artwork
+ Essays on the personal impact of viral diseases
+ Proctoring virus tutorial for students who have not taken Vaccine Revolution
+ Attendance of infectious disease related seminars
(with 1 page write-up and/or brief oral recapitulation)
+ Oral presentation of primary literature (a la The Vaccine Revolution)
+ One page review of primary scientific literature
+ Review paper of the primary scientific literature on a highly focused topic
(a la The Vaccine Revolution)
+ Infectious disease related technical book review (see below)
+ Infectious disease related popular book review (see below)
+ Presentation at the HIV journal club
+ Work on HIV resource web page
+ Brief oral update(s) on current event in infectious disease
(from ProMED or elsewhere)
+ Thesis related projects
(Please do not use this to get double credit for specific thesis related projects.)
literature reviews
work updates
+ Work on Impact of AIDS book
contacting publishers
+ HIV-related public service activities
+ Content updating for Humans and Viruses syllabus
+ Content updating for The Infectious Basis of Disease syllabus
+ Content updating for The Infectious Basis of Disease
clinicopathologic correlates (CPCs)
+ Content updating for the Microbe program
+ Completion of additional Humans and Viruses extra credit problems
+ Review of cloning literature
+ Create cloning related web materials
+ create cloning instructional media or reference lists
+ Compile lists of cloning related web pages
+ Assist with research and/or writing molecular virology book chapter


Important notes:
+ Students should write up a specific and detailed (though not necessarily lengthy) contract regarding the number of units AND the specific in class and out of class activities that you propose to do in conjunction with the class. Activities may be from the above list or they may be of your own creation.
+ As a rough guideline, each unit should be equivalent to 3-4 hours of work per week including the two hour class session.

Suggested books for review

Technical Books

Molecular Virology
Medical Virology, White and Fenner


Virus X Frank Ryan
Working on a Miracle Mahlon Johnson
Deadly Feasts Richard Rhodes - about prions and CJD
Level 4- Virus Hunters of the CDC McCormick and Fisher-Hoch

+ Please email me with additional suggestions regarding the course.

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Last modified: March 31, 1997