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The Evolution of Darwin
August - September 2007

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Make sure you keep the themes of Darwin and Evolution in mind.
Presentations should present some factual background information.
They should also outline areas of conflict or controversy in order to stimulate discussion.
We will try to weave the information in the presentations to our various outings.
They should also include an introduction as to why you chose your topic.


Presentations should be 15-20 minutes long. Longer is OK - as long as the content is good.
(Some people have asked about doing a second topic. This should be OK, but they need to be separate, complete presentations.)


You may choose the format. Creativity is appreciated.
If you wish you use PowerPoint, you may do so.
We intend to provide a computer and project (and hopefully electricity).
If you are not bringing a computer (per other email), you can bring the presentation on a USB drive. (This would be my strong preference.) You could also use a CD, or send it to yourself on email, or put it on your AFS folder.
The advantage of PowerPoint is that you can pull images from the web and you can generate text with typing (compared to say easel pads, which we could also provide).


The presentations will be spaced throughout the seminar. We will try to coordinate them with the field trips.
They should be largely completed before you leave for Africa.


There are an overwhelming number of good books on Darwin and evolution
In addition, the web is going to be an important resource. This is especially true for those of you who do not have good library access over the summer.
Use reliable, credible (or at least interesting) sites.
If anyone finds a great site send it to the group.


If you have not chosen a topic, you can get ideas on the website:
Here are a couple that would be particularly pertinent:
Are welcome.
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