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Suggestions on approaching your honors thesis

+ Bob's Helpful hints

+ Apply for every URO grant.
+ Construct a conservative timeline for the completion of your project - and stick to it.
+ Begin to write early
+ You may have more than two readers.
+ Consult your readers regularly.

+ I would strongly recommend applying to present your talk at the Annual West Coast Biology Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference in early May.
This will

There's 2 possible outcomes: If the result confirms the hypothesis, then you've made a measurement. If the result is contrary to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery.


OK guys, bite the bullet and write, write, write!


List of Bob's Honors Students 1999-2000

Student Topic Additional
1. Erik Cabral HSV escabral@leland
2. Arthi Chakravarthy Anthrax Dean Wilkening arthic@leland
3. Thomas Chi Cheryl Koopman thanatos@leland
4. Manisha Dayal Ischemic Protection by an ATPase Deficient Mutant of Heat Shock Protein GroEL Rona Giffard
Russ Fernald
5. Michelle Hsiang Cloning and Characterization of IL-C, Gene which Shares Sequence Homology with Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Aaron Hsueh mhsiang@leland
6. Patty Kwon Analysis of HIV-1 Envelope Sequences from Infected Infants Chris Contag patito@leland
7. Jay Lee Investigating the role of glycoprotein E on the pathogenesis of varicella-zoster virus Ann Arvin jaylee@leland
8. Eric Nudleman Myxobacteria Dale Kaiser nudle@leland
9. Thomas Satterwhite IL4 and IFN Gamma Signaling Pathways C. Garrison Fathman tommysat@leland
10. Ramin Shadman The utilization of online information resources by San Francisco Bay Area cancer patients for decision-making shadman@leland


List of Bob's Honors Students 1998-99

Student Topic Additional
1. Ari Bernstein Immunological and Psychological Correlates of Bereavement Sandra Sephton asb@leland
2. Karen Huen Interactions between Karyopherin Alpha and Nup2 in the Nuclear Pore Complex Michael Rexach khuen@leland
3. Shaun Kunnavatana Multi-phenotype characterization of the Leu-1 B-cell subset in the human peripheral blood and tonsil Lenore Herzenberg skunn@leland
4. Megha Mathakia Immune Response in Infants to Four Proteins of the Measles Virus Ann Arvin megmath@leland
5. Vivian Tsai The Role of Bcl-2 in a Paclitaxel Resistant Sarcoma Cell Variant Branimir Sikic vtsai@leland
6. Tara Waterman New Perspectives on Ebola Arthur Anderson waterman@leland
7. Sam Williams The Phenomena of Tissue-Specific Lipid Peroxidation (LP) and its Response to the Bile Pigments Bilirubin and Biliverdin in a Wistar Rat Model David Stevenson samw@leland


OFFICIAL 1998-99

Honors Coordinators:
Shirley Feldman
Ellen Porzig

OFFICIAL 1998-99

Date Deadline
9/3-9/19 Summer Honors College
10/30/97 Fall Quarter Honors Meeting
10/30 Autumn URO Minor Grant application due
12/4 Deadline to Submit Honors Applications for Graduation Seniors
1/8 Winter Quarter Honors Meeting
2/5 Winter URO Minor Grant application due
Drafts for first writing workshop due.
4/2 Spring Major URO Grant application due
4/8 Spring URO minor Grant application due
4/16 Spring Qtr Honors Meeting
4/20 First draft of thesis due to readers
4/23 Summer Honors College application due
5/17-21 Monday - Friday Honors Symposium
5/25 Final draft of thesis due
5/27 Honors Banquet for Candidates and First Readers
6/11 Honors theses sent to bindery.
6/13 Commencement

February 16 - May 14, 1999
Human Biology Writing Associate Hilton Obenzinger is available by email at hobnzngr@leland or by phone at 723-0330


List of Bob's Honors Students 1997-98

Student Topic Additional
1. Ajai Dandekar Exploring the effects of insulin-related receptor stimulation in neuronal cells Richard Roth dandekar@leland
2. Phil Hsu Development of a Public, Web-based HIV Database Relating Molecular Sequence Data to Clinical Data and Its Utilization in the Assessment of HIV Cross-Resistance Prevalence in Patients Receiving Therapy. Robert Schafer philhsu@leland
3. Jennifer Jolley Rhinosporidium seeberi's placement in the phylogenetic spectrum of fungi pathogenic to humans David Relman
Dave Fredricks
4. Andrew Kringstein Characterizing regulatable retroviral gene expression systems Helen Blau kringer@leland
5. Janet Maldonado The effect of Protein Kinase A on the calcineurin induced nuclear translocation of the T cell transcription factor NFATp Phyllis Gardner maldo@leland
6. Jennifer Trayner Serotypic Diversity of Astrovirus Infection in Rural Mayan Infants Bonnie Maldonado jkt@leland


List of Bob's Honors Students 1996-97

Student Topic Email
1. Martha Billings Angiotensinogen gene--role in human hypertension uda@leland
2. Katie Bryan-Jones Sexual risk-taking in college students ktbj@leland
3. Joy Chen Can Helicobacter pylori be transmitted via aerosolization? tiggurh@leland
4. Jan Gruber Presence of measles antibody virus walker@leland
5. Theresa Gurney Transcription regulation of the +32 initiator site of HIV-1 theresa@leland
6. Eu Meng Lam Growth of CRF66 deficient varicella-zoster virus in human thymus and liver implants in SCID-hu mice eulam@leland
7. Catherine Liu Determinants of infant and child mortality in Freetown, Sierra Leone--strategies for intervention cliu@leland
8. Kari McCallie Comparison and evaluation of two computer software programs designed for medical students karim@leland
9. Robin Norris Impact of prior history of breast cancer on the prognosis of ovarian cancer rnorris@leland
10. Matthew Old Polio vaccine--frequency of 472 reversion in normal healthy Mayan children in Chiapas, Mexico moldman@leland
11. Hans Park Effects of HIV anti-retroviral therapies on blood mononuclear cell cytokine production xfactor@leland

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