Andrzej (Andy) Skrzypacz
- Pronounce my Name


My name is Andrzej Skrzypacz. Many friends complain that there are not enough vowels in my name. Hard to disagree with them. Polish is a difficult language.

Therefore, there are two ways to pronounce my name: the Polish way and the easy way.

You may try a Polish version. Here you have an example how to pronounce my name in Polish.




I understand that it may sound difficult. So I suggest (i.e. recommend) an easier version.

Andrzej = "An" + "jay"

Skrzypacz = Scry + patch (starts like a "script" without the "pt". If you have a reading software on your computer, for example Babylon, make it read "scrypatch" or "skrypach")

Finally, usually people simply call me Andy.



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