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Neurons Class Reference

Public Member Functions

scl::sBool init (scl::sInt arg_number, scl::sFloat arg_tau_ref, scl::sFloat arg_tau_rc, scl::sInt arg_bias, scl::sFloat arg_input_scale)

Public Attributes

scl::sInt num_
Eigen::MatrixXd tau_rc_
Eigen::MatrixXd tau_ref_
Eigen::MatrixXd e_gain_
Eigen::MatrixXd bias_current_
Eigen::MatrixXd self_voltage_
Eigen::MatrixXd response_

Member Function Documentation

scl::sBool Neurons::init ( scl::sInt  arg_number,
scl::sFloat  arg_tau_ref,
scl::sFloat  arg_tau_rc,
scl::sInt  arg_bias,
scl::sFloat  arg_input_scale 
arg_numbernumber of neurons
arg_tau_refrefractory time
arg_tau_rcMembrane time constant
arg_biasscaling factor for bias current
arg_input_scaleoverall scaling for the input

Member Data Documentation

Eigen::MatrixXd Neurons::bias_current_

Biased current

Eigen::MatrixXd Neurons::e_gain_

Encoding value

scl::sInt Neurons::num_

Number of neurons

Eigen::MatrixXd Neurons::response_

activity response of the neuron

Eigen::MatrixXd Neurons::self_voltage_

Self Voltage

Eigen::MatrixXd Neurons::tau_rc_

Membrane time constant

Eigen::MatrixXd Neurons::tau_ref_

refractory time

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