SCL  1.0
Standard Control Library : Control, dynamics, physics, and simulation
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scl::CParserSclTiXml Class Reference

#include <CParserSclTiXml.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool readLink (const scl_tinyxml::TiXmlHandle &arg_link_txml, scl::SRigidBody &arg_link_ds, bool arg_is_root)
static bool readMuscle (const scl_tinyxml::TiXmlHandle &arg_musc_txml, scl::SMuscleParsed &arg_muscle_ds, bool arg_is_root)
static bool readGraphics (const scl_tinyxml::TiXmlHandle &arg_graphics_data_txml, scl::SGraphicsParsed &arg_graphics_ds)

Detailed Description

Provides a set of helper functions to parse a scl xml file using tinyXML.

Stores the parsed information in passed data structures

Member Function Documentation

bool scl::CParserSclTiXml::readGraphics ( const scl_tinyxml::TiXmlHandle &  arg_graphics_data_txml,
scl::SGraphicsParsed arg_graphics_ds 

Reads in graphics data

bool scl::CParserSclTiXml::readLink ( const scl_tinyxml::TiXmlHandle &  arg_link_txml,
scl::SRigidBody arg_link_ds,
bool  arg_is_root 

Reads single links

bool scl::CParserSclTiXml::readMuscle ( const scl_tinyxml::TiXmlHandle &  arg_musc_txml,
scl::SMuscleParsed arg_muscle_ds,
bool  arg_is_root 

Reads single links

************** HILL TYPE MODEL PROPERTIES *************

********************** Now read muscle attachment points *****************************

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