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taoArticulatedBodyLinkRoot Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual const deInt getFlag () const
virtual void setFlag (deInt v)
virtual deVector6Pa ()
virtual const deMatrix6I () const
virtual void gravityForce (deVector6 &Fext, deVector3 &g, const deVector3 &gh)
virtual void velocity (deVector6 &V, deVector3 &WxV, const deVector6 &Vh, const deVector3 &WhxVh)
virtual void biasAcceleration (deVector6 &H, const deVector6 &Hh)
virtual deFloat kineticEnergy (deVector6 &V, const deVector6 &Vh)
virtual deFloat potentialEnergy (const deVector3 &gh, const deFrame &globalFrame, const deFloat mass, const deVector3 &centerOfMass)
virtual void velocityDelta (deVector6 &dV, const deVector6 &dVh, const deInt dist)
virtual taoABJointgetABJoint (deInt i=0)
virtual const deInt getNOJ () const
virtual deMatrix6Omega ()
virtual deVector6H ()
virtual deVector6getVelocity ()
virtual deVector6A ()
virtual void abInertiaInit (deMatrix6 &Ia)
virtual void impulseInit (const deVector3 &point, const deVector3 &impulse)
virtual void setInertia (const deFloat *mass, const deVector3 *centerOfMass, const deMatrix3 *inertiaTensor)
virtual void biasForce (deVector6 &P, const deVector6 &V, const deVector3 &WxV)
virtual void _abInertia (deMatrix6 &Iah, const deMatrix6 &L, const deMatrix6 &Ia, const deTransform &X)
virtual void _abBiasForce (deVector6 &Pah, const deMatrix6 &L, const deMatrix6 &Ia, const deVector6 &C, const deVector6 &Pa)
virtual void netForce (deVector6 &F, const deVector6 &A, const deVector6 &P)
virtual void externalForce (deVector6 &Pa, const deVector6 &G, const deVector6 &Fext)
virtual void updateLocalX (const deFrame &homeFrame, const deFrame &localFrame)
virtual void getFrameLocal (deFrame &localFrame)
virtual void abImpulse (deVector6 &Yah, deInt propagate)
virtual void globalJacobian (const deFrame &globalFrame)
virtual void plusEq_Jg_ddQ (deVector6 &Ag)
virtual void add2Tau_JgT_F (const deVector6 &Fg)
virtual void velocityOnly (deVector6 &V, const deVector6 &Vh)
virtual void acceleration (deVector6 &A, const deVector6 &Ah)
virtual void accelerationOnly (deVector6 &A, const deVector6 &Ah)
virtual void force (deVector6 &Fh, deInt propagate)
virtual void abBiasForceConfig (deVector6 &Pah, deInt propagate)
virtual void abInertiaDepend (deMatrix6 &Iah, deVector6 &Pah, deMatrix6 &Ia, deInt propagate)
virtual void osInertiaInv (deMatrix6 &Oa, const deMatrix6 &Oah)
virtual void setABJoint (taoABJoint *joint, deInt i=0)
virtual void setNOJ (deInt n)

Member Function Documentation

virtual deVector6* taoArticulatedBodyLink::getVelocity ( )

Returns this link's velocity. Should ideally be at the com

virtual deMatrix6* taoArticulatedBodyLink::Omega ( )

NOTE TODO : The convoluted way in which this seems to have been called is : class->function(class->getOmega())

Instead of just class->function(){_Omega = ...}

Ahh.. The elegance of it all.

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