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deTransform Class Reference

Transformation class using rotational matrixThis class consists of a matrix for rotation and a vector for translation. More...

#include <TaoDeTransform.h>

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Public Member Functions

DE_MATH_API deMatrix3rotation ()
DE_MATH_API const deMatrix3rotation () const
DE_MATH_API deVector3translation ()
DE_MATH_API const deVector3translation () const
DE_MATH_API void identity ()
 this = identity matrix More...
DE_MATH_API void operator= (const deTransform &t)
 this = t More...
DE_MATH_API void multiply (const deTransform &t1, const deTransform &t2)
 this = [r1,p1][r2,p2] = [r1*r2, r1*p2 + p1] More...
DE_MATH_API void inverse (const deTransform &t)
 this = ~[r,p] = [~r, -(~r*p)] More...
DE_MATH_API void inversedMultiply (const deTransform &t1, const deTransform &t2)
 this = ~[r1,p1][r2,p2] = [~r1, -(~r1*p1)][r2,p2] = [~r1*r2, ~r1*(p2-p1)] More...
DE_MATH_API void multiplyInversed (const deTransform &t1, const deTransform &t2)
 this = [r1,p1]~[r2,p2] = [r1,p1][~r2, -(~r2*p2)] = [(r1*~r2), p1-(r1*~r2)*p2] More...
DE_MATH_API void set (const deFrame &f)
 this = f More...
DE_MATH_API void set (const deMatrix3 &m, const deVector3 &v)
 this = [m, v] More...
void set (const deFloat alpha, const deFloat a, const deFloat d, const deFloat theta)
 this = Denavit-Hartenberg parameter More...
void set (const deVector3 &axis, const deFloat pitch, const deFloat angle)
 this = Screw coordinates More...

Private Attributes

deMatrix3 _m
deVector3 _v

Detailed Description

Transformation class using rotational matrix

This class consists of a matrix for rotation and a vector for translation.

See Also
deVector3, deMatrix3, deFrame

Member Function Documentation

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::identity ( )

this = identity matrix

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::inverse ( const deTransform t)

this = ~[r,p] = [~r, -(~r*p)]

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::inversedMultiply ( const deTransform t1,
const deTransform t2 

this = ~[r1,p1][r2,p2] = [~r1, -(~r1*p1)][r2,p2] = [~r1*r2, ~r1*(p2-p1)]

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::multiply ( const deTransform t1,
const deTransform t2 

this = [r1,p1][r2,p2] = [r1*r2, r1*p2 + p1]

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::multiplyInversed ( const deTransform t1,
const deTransform t2 

this = [r1,p1]~[r2,p2] = [r1,p1][~r2, -(~r2*p2)] = [(r1*~r2), p1-(r1*~r2)*p2]

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::operator= ( const deTransform t)

this = t

DE_MATH_API deMatrix3 & deTransform::rotation ( )
rotation part
DE_MATH_API const deMatrix3 & deTransform::rotation ( ) const
rotation part
DE_MATH_API void deTransform::set ( const deFrame f)

this = f

DE_MATH_API void deTransform::set ( const deMatrix3 m,
const deVector3 v 

this = [m, v]

void deTransform::set ( const deFloat  alpha,
const deFloat  a,
const deFloat  d,
const deFloat  theta 

this = Denavit-Hartenberg parameter

void deTransform::set ( const deVector3 axis,
const deFloat  pitch,
const deFloat  angle 

this = Screw coordinates

DE_MATH_API deVector3 & deTransform::translation ( )
translation part
DE_MATH_API const deVector3 & deTransform::translation ( ) const
translation part

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