C. B. (Bob) Tatum (tatum@stanford.edu)
Professor and Chair
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Obayashi Professor in Engineering

Mailing Address:
C. B. Tatum
Stanford University - Civil & Environmental Engineering
380 Panama Mall
Terman Engineering Center
Stanford, CA 94305-4020

Background and Research Teaching (overview of teaching goals and advising)

Background Information
Industry Experience
University Experience
Professional Memberships


Overview of Research
List of Publications

COURSES IN 2002-2003:
CEE 156 Building Systems (Win)
CEE 156A Building System Design Experience (Win)
CEE 183 Introduction to Building Design (Aut)
CEE 197 Professional Development Seminar (Win)
CEE 252 Construction Engineering for Concrete and Steel Structures (Aut)
CEE 256 Building Systems (Win)


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