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PhD Students

Name Year Title of Dissertation Present or last Affiliation
Schalkwijk, J.P.M. 1965 Coding Schemes for Additive Noise Channels with Feedback Tech. Univ. Eindhoven, Holland
Gyi, Maung 1965 Some Topics on Limiters and FM Demodulators Ampex, CA
Daly, Robert F. 1966 Signal Design for Efficient Detection in Randomly Dispersive Media Off. Tel. Policy, D.C.
Hall, Harry M. 1966 A New Model for "Impulsive" Phenomena: Application to Atmospheric-Noise Communication Channels Bell Labs
Ferguson, M. J. 1966 Sequential Signal Design for Radar and Communication Quebec Univ.
Omura, J. K. 1966 Signal Optimization for Channels with Feedback Cylink
Kramer, A. J. 1967 Analysis of Communication Schemes Using an Intermittent Feedback Link GTE
Duncan, T. E. 1967 Probability Densities for Diffusion Processes with Applications to Nonlinear Filtering Theory and Detection Theory Univ. of Kansas
Fang, R. J. F. 1968 On Coding for Channels with Feedback Comsat
Frost, P. A. 1968 Nonlinear Estimation in Continuous Time Systems Xybion, Inc.
Gopinath, B. 1968 On the Identification and Control of Linear Systems Rutgers Univ.
Babcock, J. H. 1968 Least Squares and MAP Estimators for Analog Communications Mitre Corp.
Geesey, R. A. 1969 Canonical Representations of Second Order Processes with Applications BDA Corp
Duttweiler, D. L. 1970 Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Techniques for Detection and Estimation Problems Bell Labs
Aasnaes, H. B. 1971 Estimation and Identification in Discrete-Time Systems Using the Innovations Approach Informations Kontrol, Oslo
Gevers, M. R. 1972 Structural Properties of Realizations of Discrete Time Markovian Processes Univ. Catholique Louvain
Lender, Adam 1972 Correlative Signal Processing Lockheed-martin
Weinert, H. L. 1972 A Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Approach to Spline Problems with Applications to Estimation and Control Johns Hopkins Univ.
Segall, Adrian 1973 A Martingale Approach to Modeling, Estimation and Detection of Jump Processes Technion, Israel
Krasner, N. F. 1974 Semi-Separable Kernels in Linear Estimation and Control
Morf, Martin 1974 Fast Algorithms for Multivariable Systems Consultant
Dickinson, B. W. 1974 Properties and Applications of Matrix Fraction Descriptions of Linear Systems Princeton Univ.
Sidhu, G. S. 1975 A Shift-Invariance Approach to Fast Estimation Algorithms
Friedlander, B. 1976 Scattering Theory and Linear Least Squares Estimation UC Santa Cruz
Shah, Arun 1977 Modeling of Saccadic Eye movements and EEG Alpha Rhythm
Nickolls, J. R. 1977 A Nonlinear Model of the Human EEG Signal During Photic Stimulation
Kung, S. Y. 1977 Multivariable and Multidimensional Systems: Analysis and Design Princeton Univ.
Vieira, A. G. C. 1977 Matrix Orthogonal Polynomials, with Applications to Autoregressive Modeling and Ladder Forms LNC, Rio de Janeiro
Verghese, G. C. 1978 Infinite-Frequency Behavior in Generalized Dynamical Systems MIT
Dobbins, J. R. 1979 Covariance Factorization Techniques for Least Squares Estimation Bell Labs
Verriest, E. I. 1980 On Balanced Realizations for Time Variant Linear Systems Georgia Tech
Lee, D. T. L. 1980 Canonical Ladder Form Realizations and Fast Estimation Algorithms Hewlett-Packard
Levy, B. C. 1981 2-D Polynomial and Rational Matrices and their Applications for the Modeling of 2-D Dynamical Systems UC Davis
Lashkari, K. 1982 A New Deconvolution Technique for Periodically Excited Systems Monterey Bay Res. Inst.
Delosme, J-M. 1982 Algorithms for Finite Shift-Rank Processes France
Porat, B. 1982 Contributions to the Theory and Applications of Lattice Filters Technion,Haifa
Hadidi, M. T. 1983 Contributions to the Analysis and Modeling of Multichannel Autoregressive Stationary Processes Mobil Research
Lev-Ari, H. 1983 Nonstationary Lattice-Filter Modeling Northeastern Univ.
Cioffi, John M. 1984 Fast Transversal Filters for Communications Applications Stanford Univ.
Bruckstein, A. M. 1984 Scattering Models in Signal Processing Technion,Haifa
Rao, S. 1985 Regular Iterative Algorithms and their Implementations on Processor Arrays Intel
Jagadish, H. V. 1985 Techniques for the Design of Parallel and Pipelined VLSI Systems for Numerical Computation Univ. of Michigan
Wax, M. 1985 Detection and Estimation of Superimposed signals Israel
Bresler, Y. 1985 Model Based Estimation Techniques for 3-D Reconstruction from Projections Univ.of Illinois
Jover, J. 1986 On the Analysis of Systolic and Systolic Type Arrays Bell Labs
Citron, T. K. 1986 Algorithms and Architectures for Error Correcting Codes Hughes
Shan, T. J. 1986 Array Processing for Coherent Sources Bell Labs
Roy, R. H. 1987 Estimation of Signal Parameters Via Rotational Invariance Techniques Consultant
Roychowdhury, V. 1988 Derivation, Extensions and Parallel Implementation of Regular Iterative Algorithms UCLA
Chun, J. 1989 Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrices KAIST, Korea
Slock, D. 1989 Fast Algorithms for Fixed-Order Recursive Least-Squares Parameter Estimation EURECOM, Sophia-Antipolis
Ottersten 1989 Parametric Subspace Fitting Methods for Array Signal Processing Royal Inst. Tech,Stockholm
Pal, D. 1990 Fast Algorithms for Structured Matrices with Arbitrary Rank Profile TelICos Corp.
Farotimi, O. 1990 Analysis and Applications of General Classes of Dynamic Neural Networks George mason Univ.
Siu, K.Y. 1991 Complexity Issues in Circuits for Neural Computation MIT,Mech Eng
Swindlehurst, A. L. 1991 Applications of Subspace Fiting to Estimation and Identification Brigham Young Univ.
Xu, G. 1991 Fast Subspace Decomposition and Its Application
Ackner, R. 1991 Fast Algorithms for Indefinite Matrices and Meromorphic Functions
Varvarigou, T. 1991 Fault Tolerance and Scheduling Issues in Multiprocessor Systems National Tech.Univ.Athens
Genossar, M. 1992 Spectral Characterization of Nonstationary Processes ECI Telecom, Israel
Sayed, A. 1992 Displacement Structure in Signal Processing and Mathematics UCLA
Gisladottir, J. 1993 Orthogonal Synthesis of 2-D Digital Filters NCSU, Raleigh, NC
Goldburg, M. 1993 Applications of Wavelets to Quantization and Random Process Representations ASSIA Inc.
Cho, Y. M. 1993 Fast Subspace-Based System Identification: Theory and Practice Seoul National Univ.
Aghajan, Y. M. 1995 Subspace Techniques for Image Understanding and Computer Vision KLA Tencor
Park, P. 1995 Convex Optimization Techniques in Control and Estimation Pohang Univ, Korea
Khalaj, B. 1996 Modern Signal Processing Techniques for IC Inspection and Lithographic Alignment Sharif Univ.,Teheran
Wang, Y. T. 1996 Automated Phase-shifting Mask Design in Microlithography. Numerical Technologies
Boros, T. 1996 Studies in Displacement Structure Theory Intel
Hassibi, B. 1996 Indefinite Metric Spaces in Estimation, Control and Signal Processing Caltech
Halder, B. 1998 Design of Optimal H-2/H-infinity Controllers TelICos Corp.
Erdogan, A. 2000 Equalization with an H-infinity Criterion Koc University, Turkey
El Awady, K. 2000 Programmable Thermal Processing Module for Semiconductor Substrates Navigant Inc.
Vikalo, H. 2002 Sphere Decoding Algorithms for Digital Communications UT Austin


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