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Welcome to the Japanese learning resource websites! If you are learning Japanese through self-study or are otherwise interested in the Japanese language, hopefully you will find our Japanese link lists useful!

This site was created by students studying Japanese both independently and in the classroom so that those who want to study more on their own, either exclusively or as a supplement to their classroom studies, can have a convenient list of websites to choose from. This collection will continue to grow larger over time, so please check back for additions to our collection!

Our link collections are split into three stages: Stage 1, for those just beginning their studies; Stage 2, for those who have been studying for several years (or around JLPT N3*); and Stage 3, for upper intermediate to advanced students (or around JLPT N2 and N1). Sites that are useful for students at more than one stage of their learning are listed in each respective stage so that users can conveniently choose one stage at a time for links relative to their levels.

* If you have never taken the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), or do not know what your level is, see this website for an approximate JLPT level check.

Each website that we have recommended has a description with it, and any websites that we have particularly chosen as helpful have additional student comments. Comments are personalized by the student who wrote them, and a mark (such as ♥) indicates which student is making which comments. Expand the following for a more detailed profile of each student.

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♥ : [Kathy, 21] Has been studying for around eight years, beginning by learning independently, followed by lessons with a private tutor. Studied at the Yamasa Institute and Kansai Gaidai University. Passed the 2010 N2 JLPT and the 2011 N1 JLPT. Took all the photos on this website while abroad.

Finally, tools, dictionaries, programs/iPod Touch and iPhone apps, and games are found under the Tools and Dictionaries/Newspapers pages. Some may be more appropriate for certain levels, but for the most part, all are usable by any student, and recommendations for specific programs, games, etc. are found at the description at the top of each stage's page.



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