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Reinforcement Learning and Optimal Control

  • Structured Policy Iteration for Linear Quadratic Regulator.
    Y. Park et al.
    Submitted to International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).

  • Convergent Actor-Critic under Off-policy and Function Approximation.
    H. Maei and Y. Park

Convex Optimization

Machine Learning

  • Structured Neural Inference for Undirected Graphical Model from Heterogeneous Data.
    Y. Park et al.
    In preparation to submit Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS).

Other Topics

  • Universal Loseless Compression: Context Tree Weighting. [Slides]

  • Hypercontractivity, Maximal Correlation, and Non-cooperative Simulation. [Slides, Report]

  • Successive Lossy Compression for Laplacian Source. [Slides, Report]