Speaker Bios for Spring 2012

Pradeep Fernandes, MSEE
President and Co-Founder, Cellworks Group
Pradeep Fernades is President and co-founder of Cellworks Group, Inc, a company focused on delivery of novel, effective and de-risked therapies. Pradeep has spent most of his career in the semiconductor and software algorithms domain, and is now applying those ideas and practices in the life sciences arena.

Prior to joining Cellworks, Pradeep was Vice President and General Manager of Synthesis Solutions at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) following its very successful acquisition of Get2Chip in 2003. Under Pradeep's leadership, Get2Chip's synthesis solution was one of the most externally recognized and the fastest growing product in Cadence's product line up. Before starting Get2Chip, Pradeep was part of the executive team of TriQuest Design Automation, which was acquired by Summit Designs (MENT). Before joining Triquest, Pradeep co-founded CyberX, a company focused on development of highly integrated smart ethernet \ switches. Earlier, Pradeep spent several years at Synopsys and LSI Logic, where he started his career. Pradeep has a MSEE and BSCS/EE. He has many technical publications to his credit in the EDA, DSP, Communication and Parallel Processing areas. He received the Sigma Xi outstanding research award for his thesis. He is also an advisor and investor in several early stage companies.


Santhosh Vadivelu, PhD
CEO & President, 2020 BioVentures Scientific Associate, Canaan Ventures

Santhosh is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion to translate science into meaningful therapy for clinically unmet needs. He created the vision and strategy for 2020 BioVentures in US & India to develop safe, cost-effective therapeutic solutions for rare & neglected diseases. Santhosh brings years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

He founded 2020 from Canaan Partners where he was the Scientific Associate with Healthcare investment team. Santhosh held several cross-functional senior leadership roles at startup companies in the bay area including Vice President and Business Development Strategist.

Prior to Canaan, Santhosh held roles as a Biochemical Scientist and a patent agent at a US law firm. Santhosh obtained his MSc with Honors in Lifesciences(Biotechnology) from the Bharathidasan University, India and completed his Doctorate and Post Doctoral research at the Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna, Austria and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY.


Serge Saxonov
Vice President, Appication Development, Quantalife
Dr. Serge Saxonov has deep expertise in bioinformatics and experience developing groundbreaking applications for new technologies. Most recently, Serge was Founding Architect and Director of R&D at 23andMe -- -- --the world's first personal genome -- --service. There he played a key role -- --building infrastructure, developing -- --algorithms and translating basic -- --genetics research into diagnostic -- --applications. He managed the build-out -- --of the 23andMe research team and led -- --strategic and tactical planning for the -- --company's science arm. At QuantaLife, he -- --is responsible for supplying content for -- --the ddPCR platform, identifying key -- --opportunities an\ d developing novel applications for the ddPCR technology. Serge Saxonov received his Ph.D. in biomedical informatics from Stanford University in 2006 and an A.B. in applied mathematics and biology from Harvard University in 1999.

Bob Rogers, PhD
Chief Scientist, Apixio
Bob Rogers brings to Apixio two decades of algorithm development and marketing experience. As Chief Scientist, Bob is responsible for strategic direction and development of the algorithms at the core of Apixio's applications. He is also Apixio's liaison to the medical and academic communities. Bob is the founder of Counterpart Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in advanced analytics for hedge fund and medical applications. Prior to Counterpart Consulting, Bob was Senior Product Manager at Carl Zeiss Meditec where he was responsible for the complete product lifecycle of the most commonly deployed diagnostic device in \ ophthalmology. Previously, Bob was founder and President of Tri-Valley Capital, a hedge fund, and co-founder and VP of R&D at Arjewel Inc, a private fund, that generated returns based on proprietary algorithms he developed. Bob has also spent several years as an academic researcher, has published a number of academic papers in astrophysics and artificial neural networks and is co-author of the book, "Artificial Neural Networks: Forecasting Time Series." Bob received his undergraduate degree in physics from UC Berkeley and his PhD in physics from Harvard University.

Michael Rothman, PhD
CEO, Rothman Healthcare
Michael Rothman, Ph.D. is CEO and Chief Science Officer of Rothman Healthcare Corporation, and a co-founder of the company. He is also President and founder of Michael Rothman & Associates, a firm that specializes in analysis and product development through both traditional consulting and joint ventures. Before this, Michael worked as Senior Vice President of Strategic Information at First USA Bank, and as an executive consultant and principal in IBM Consulting Group, spending part of his career at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Labs. He received a BS and MSc in chemistry from Brown University, and a PhD in chemistry from the \ University of Michigan.

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Shahram Ebadollahi, PhD
Manager, Healthcare Analytics Research, Program Manager, Healthcare Transformation, IBM Research
Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi manages the Healthcare Transformation Research Group and is the Founding co-chair of the Medical Informatics community at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. In these capacities, he manages a group of scientists and physicians conducting research in the broad area of health informatics, especially applications of data mining, machine learning, advanced visualization, simulation and comparative effectiveness in healthcare applications. In addition, Shahram has actively been conducting research in the domain of multimedia content analysis, event recognition, computer vision, and medical imaging. He received\ his PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and joined IBM Research n 2005 as a Research Staff Member. He is also an adjunct Assistant Professor with the department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University.

Eric Perakslis, PhD
Chief Information Officer & Chief Scientist (Informatics)
Eric is currently Chief Information Officer and Chief Scientist (Informatics) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In this new role, Eric is responsible for modernizing and enhancing the IT capabilities as well as the in silico scientific capabilities at FDA.

Prior to FDA, Eric was Senior Vice President of R&D Information Technology at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals R&D and was a member of the Corporate Office of Science and Technology. During his thirteen years at J&J, Eric also held the posts of Vice President R&D Informatics, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Director of Research Information Technology as well as assistant Director and Director of Drug Discovery Research prior to his current role. Before joining J&J, Eric was the Group leader of Scientific Computing at ArQule Inc. and he began his professional career with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Eric has a Ph.D. in chemical and biochemical engineering from Drexel University and also holds B.S.Che and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering. Eric?s current research interests are enterprise knowledge management, patient stratification, healthcare IT and translational informatics with the specific focus precompetitive data sharing, and open source systems globalization.

Eric is a late-stage kidney cancer survivor and an avid patient advocate. He has served as the Chairman of the Survivor Advisory Board at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and as the Chief Information Officer of the King Hussein Institute for Biotechnology and Cancer in Amman, Jordan. Eric has also worked extensively with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, the Kidney Cancer Association, the Scientist < ? > Survivor program of the American Association for Cancer Research, OneMind4Research and several other top non-profit disease-based organizations to further their domestic and international agendas.

Eric?s personal interests include sailboat racing, back-country snowboarding, rock climbing, cycling, running marathons and operating his family vineyard and winery. Eric lives in Doylestown, Bucks County Pennsylvania with his wife Lisa Gail and 10-year-old daughter Sammy.


Christopher Hane, Director of Analytics
Vijay Nori, Senior Scientist
Optum Insight
Christopher Hane, Ph.D. is Director of Analytics in the Ingenix Innovation Lab. He has 20 years of experience designing and delivering decision support applications in supply chain and health care markets. As a Director in the Ingenix Innovation Lab, Dr. Hane is responsible for design and construction of leading edge analytic applications and services. He focuses on providing the end user with actionable intelligence that combines leading statistical techniques with intuitive interaction.

Vijay Nori is a Associate Director of Analytics in the Innovation Lab at Ingenix. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Operations Research (OR) at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he has worked in multiple domains helping customers make better decisions based on advanced OR concepts. His work involves building mathematical models for real-world systems, solving them for large datasets, understanding the solutions and iterating over the different steps so that the solutions can be implemented. Vijay is a critical contributor to the Innovation Lab?s ability to build next generation healthcare products, which use cutting-edge OR\ techniques, huge amounts of data, and high-end computational power, and contribute to the betterment of human life.


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