CS103A: Mathematical Problem-solving
Winter 2019
Tuesday 3:00pm to 5:50pm in 380-380Y


Assignment 10 Released

The final assignment has been released. I will be sending out shortly how many assignments you have submitted so that you're aware of the credit point. You need to have 8 of the 10 submitted to get credit.

Assignment 8 Released

Assignment 8 has been released. My appologies for releasing later than usual. This one will be due by our meeting next Tuesday.

Assignment 4 Released

Assignment 4 has been released. My appologies for releasing later than usual. This one will be due by the start of class on Monday.

First Assignment Released

The first assignment for CS 103A was just released and you have until 2:30pm on Friday (the start of lecture) to turn it in. It should only take less than 15 minutes. All future assignments will be released at approximately 7pm on Wednesday evenings. Remember that you must turn in at least 8 of the 10 assignments to receive credit for the course!

CS103A starts today

CS103A starts today. Please note the room change: 380-380Y. The class meets Tuesdays 3:00-5:50pm, but the last 50 minutes are optional office hours type format. Here is the course description for CS103A:

Math, like programming, is a skill that that takes practice to develop. In CS103A, we'll provide extra review of the topics from CS103 and discuss general problem-solving strategies that often come up in proof-based mathematics. We hope that the course helps solidify the concepts from CS103 and provide you a set of tools you can use to confront challenging math problems with confidence. If you're interested in taking CS103 but feel like you could use a little bit more practice and review, this is the course for you!