Welcome to CS103A!
September 25, 2018

Welcome to CS103A! This course is designed to provide extra practice and review with the material covered in CS103. It's open to current CS103 students who are interested in getting a bit more practice with the main topics and techniques from CS103.

Our first class meeting will be Tuesday, September 26 from 3PM - 5PM in 370-370. We hope to see you then!

If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email me at with questions.

See you soon!


00: Course Information

Practice Problems

Problems for Week Four | (solutions)
Problems for Week Three | (solutions)
Problems for Week Two | (solutions)
Problems for Week One | (solutions)

Weekly Assignments

Assignment for Week Four
Assignment for Week Three
Assignment for Week Two
Assignment for Week One


Slides for Week Four
Slides for Week Three
Slides for Week Two