CS106A: Programming Methodologies

Final Annoucements

Last week of classes! There will not be lecture on Thursday, 8/13. Jun will be holding additional office hours from 4 - 6 pm that day in Gates B26 if you have any questions about the course.

The final will be held Friday, 8/14 from 7 - 10 pm in Nvidia Auditorium in the Huang Engineering Center (the same place where lecture is held)

Course evaluations are available on Axess. If you fill out the evaluation before August 17th, you'll be able to check your course grade as soon as it is entered. Feedback on how we've been doing would be greatly appreciated! =)

Return of Tom: Part Deux

Tom is back again next week, but if you can't wait until then, he will also be holding office hours this Sunday, August 2nd from 2:45 - 4:45 pm at the CoHo.

If you want to see more sorting + folk dancing: http://algo-rythmics.ms.sapientia.ro/

Graded Midterm

If you missed class on Tuesday, you can collect your midterm from the file cabinet located on the first floor of Gates Building. This file cabinet is unlocked, and has a drawer labelled: CS 106A Midterm.

You may submit a regrade request if you believe there was an error with the grading of your exam. To request a regrade, attach a cover sheet to your exam clearly explaining your request, and submit it to the file cabinet next to the one mentioned above. This file cabinet is locked, and has a drawer labelled: CS 106A Regrade Request.

All regrade requests are due before lecture on Monday, August 3rd. You must submit the entire exam for consideration. Please note that we reserve the right to regrade any part of the exam, and so your score may go down as a result.

Midterm details

We're only eight days away from the midterm (time flies fast, doesn't it?), so we have a few points about the exam we'd like to share:

  • The midterm will be held Monday, July 20 from 7:00pm-9:00pm PDT. If you are unable to take the exam at that time, you have until Monday 7:00pm to request an alternate midterm from the course staff.
  • The midterm location has been determined, and it'll be at 420-040 in Jordan Hall (or the Psychology building in the Quad next to the "Math Corner"). Please do not come to the normal lecture hall as you will either find it locked or find a non-CS106A exam being administered (we can't stop you from taking that exam, but it won't count for CS106A).
  • The midterm will cover the first four weeks of class (everything up through Thursday's lecture).
  • The exam will be open book and note, but closed electronic SMS/Internet-capable device (e.g. computers, smartphones, smartwatches, smart refrigerators, smart thermostats).
  • We will be providing a practice exam on Tuesday to give a feel for what type of problems will be on the exam (hint: very much like what you see with the section handout problems).
  • SCPD students - if you are not coming to campus to take the exam, please be sure that you have identified your exam proctors to SCPD as we will be distributing the exam through them.

The Return of Tom

Tom returns next week! In addition, he will be holding office hours this Sunday, 07/12 from 2:45 pm to 4:45 pm at the CoHo.

There was an error in the solution to problem 1 in section handout 2. The electronic version has the correct solution.

Today's lecture tomorrow

The content of today's lecture, Graphics and Objects will now be covered and recorded on Thursday, 7/2 instead and made available online afterwards. Yves sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. Feel free to not attend in person and he will do his utmost to ensure the online experience is as close as possible to being there in person.

Some Announcements

Sections start this week! You can check out your section at the cs198 website.

LaIR hours also begin today. Due to construction, they will be held in the basement of the Gates Building in room B08. You will need your keycard to gain access. Should you require elevator access, please let us know and we can get you a key for that.

There is no class this Thursday in observance of Independence Day, but sections will still be held.

Prof. Mehran Sahami is giving a talk tonight at 7 pm on Expanding the Frontiers of Computer Science in 320-105.

Welcome to CS106A

Summer quarter begins on Monday, so get excited for class! Class meets M-Th from 4:15pm to 5:05pm PDT in Nvidia Auditorium. Classes will be broadcasted live and will be made available online through the SCPD site (though we strongly encourage you to attend lecture in person).

You don't need to do anything to prepare for the class. We'll see you tomorrow!