Instructor: Marty Stepp - see Staff/SLs page for contact info and office hours


  • [] Sections begin: You should have received an email telling you your section. (If not, log in to the CS 198 site and check.) Please go to your section starting this week and all future weeks.
  • [] LaIR / Office hours begin: Starting today (Wed), our "LaIR" lab is now open in Gates building, room B08. (location changed!) The Gates basement is locked at night but students can get access with their student ID. Unfortunately this does mean we don't have cluster computers available for students, but we're working on resolving that as quickly as possible. Please stop by the LaIR from 7pm - 11pm on any Sun-Wed to get homework help! Also, the instructor and head TA now have office hours posted in the Staff page.
  • [] Section sign-ups: You will need to sign up for a weekly 50-minute discussion section. Sign-ups for section will be open from now through noon on Tue June 21. You must use our link to sign up for section; using Axess will not work.
  • [] Welcome to CS 106B! Lectures take place in Nvidia Auditorium. Please make note of our exam dates and make sure that you can attend both exams as scheduled.

    If you want to do something productive after the first lecture, you should set up C++ and Qt Creator so you can work on homework, and try solving some problems from our CodeStepByStep web tool.

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