Instructor: Marty Stepp - see Staff/SLs page for contact info and office hours


  • [] Midterm key and regrade info is now posted on the Exams page. Midterm problems will be in CodeStepByStep very soon. For now you can try running your midterm code in our Qt Creator ZIP that has been posted.
  • [] Midterms ready for pickup: You can now pick up your midterm exam in the first floor filing cabinets in Gates building. Look for the filing cabinet on the east side of the 1st floor with the label "CS 106B". The midterm average was 81%, and there will not be a curve. We will post information about exam regrades soon.
  • [] HW4 one-day extension: Homework 4's due date is hereby extended by 24 hours; it is now due on Thu July 21 at 6pm. The lateness cutoff also extends by 1 day, meaning that you can turn it in late up until Sun July 24 at 6pm using late days / reduced credit. Best of luck to you on the assignment.
  • [] Marty's office changed: Henceforth Marty's office is now Gates B24, in the basement of the Gates building. Go there for Marty's office hours.
  • [] LaIR / Office hours begin: Starting today (Wed), our "LaIR" lab is now open in Gates building, room B08. (location changed!) The Gates basement is locked at night but students can get access with their student ID. Unfortunately this does mean we don't have cluster computers available for students, but we're working on resolving that as quickly as possible. Please stop by the LaIR from 7pm - 11pm on any Sun-Wed to get homework help! Also, the instructor and head TA now have office hours posted in the Staff page.
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