Instructor: Marty Stepp
TAs: Ashley Taylor and Amy Xu - see Staff/SLs page for our contact info.


  • [] Midterm exam, solution key, code project ZIP, and CodeStepByStep problems posted. We don't have midterm grades yet; they will be graded this weekend and we will contact you with exam grades next week.
  • [] Marty absences: Marty's wife has gone into labor (yay!), which means that Marty will be absent for various portions of the rest of the quarter. For example, Marty's Fri 2/16 office hours are canceled. TAs Ashley Taylor and Amy Xu will give some lectures in Marty's place. Marty may switch to a limited availability and schedule for the rest of the quarter, including reduced/canceled office hours and other absences. The TAs will step in to help make up for many of these absences. Thank you for your patience and understanding. (If you want to see updates about the labor and baby, Marty will post them on his Facebook, so add him there!)
  • [] Apply to section lead: The CS 198 program is accepting applications for CS 106 section leaders for Spring 2018! In the current round, they are specifically looking for CS 106B students to apply (that's you!). Section leaders hired this quarter will begin in the spring. Section leading is a two-quarter commitment, but you are still welcome to apply if you plan to go abroad in the spring or fall, or if you are graduating after Spring 2018. The deadline is Friday, February 16 at 11:59pm. Apply here, and let the CS 198 Coordinators ( know if you have any questions!
  • [] Holiday scheduling: Next Monday 2/19 is a holiday, so we will not have lecture or instructor office hours that day. Also we will not have LaIR on Sun 2/18 over the three-day weekend. We will have our usual LaIR hours on Mon 2/19, though.
  • [] No section this week: Due to the midterm exam, sections are canceled this week. You might receive an email from your section leader for an alternative time that you can meet with them to study review problems, but in general you should not go to your normal section day/time this week.
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