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This course has no in-class exams. The final exam slot for the class is on Thursday, December 11, 2014 in 12:15-3:15pm as determined by the Stanford University Registrar. During this time, you will present a live demo of the ray tracer assignment. There will be no makeup time for the live demo in the case of conflicting classes as the Stanford University Registrar's policy states that "students must not register for classes with conflicting end-quarter exams."

Assignments and Grading

Assignment 1: Generative Art [Assignment PDF][Sample Code] [GLUT setup directions] Tuesday, 9/23 Monday, 9/29
Assignment 2: Geometric Modeling and Shading [Assignment PDF][Sample Code] Tuesday, 9/30 Monday, 10/06
Assignment 3: Texture Mapping [Assignment PDF][Sample Code] Tuesday, 10/07 Monday, 10/13
Scanline Image [Assignment PDF] Thursday, 10/16 Monday, 10/20
Written assignment [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 10/21 Tuesday, 11/04
Questions from last year's assignment [PDF] Video Solutions for Long Answer Questions [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] Tuesday, 10/21 N/A
Assignment 4: Basic Ray Tracing [Assignment PDF] [Starter Code] Tuesday, 11/04 Monday, 11/10
Ray Tracing Code Tutorials from last year: [Basic Ray Tracing] [Acceleration Structures] [Transparency, Textures, and Camera Effects] Tuesday, 11/01 N/A
Assignment 5: Acceleration Structures [Assignment PDF] [Same Starter Code as Assignment 4] Tuesday, 11/11 Monday, 11/17
Assignment 6: Camera Effects and Participating Media [Assignment PDF] [Same Starter Code as Assignment 4] Tuesday, 11/18 Monday, 12/1
Ray-traced Image [Assignment PDF] Friday, 11/21 Thursday, 12/11
Ray Tracer with additional material examples: [Ray Tracer] Friday, 12/5 N/A

There are three major assignments given in the class. Your final grade will be the average of these three grades.

Hardware and Software

You are encouraged to do class assignments on your personal computer and/or mobile device.

If you do not wish to develop on a personal computer or mobile device, you will have access to the myth machines located in Gates B08. These 3.2 GHz DELL Dual-Xeon Linux boxes, named myth1 through myth16, are available for remote access. All students with a SUNetID automatically have accounts on these machines. Home directories are shared with out Stanford Computing Clusters using AFS. Registered students will get an extra 200MB of disk quota for the quarter. Please notify the course staff immediately if you do not notice this quota increase within 48 hours of officially signing up for the course.


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