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Assignments and Grading

Assignment 1: Introduction and Setup [Assignment PDF] [Myth Cluster Installation Helper] Tuesday, 9/25 Monday, 10/1
Assignment 2: OpenGL Calisthenics [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 10/2 Monday, 10/8
Assignment 3: Geometric Modeling [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 10/9 Monday, 10/15
Assignment 4: Shading and Lighting [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 10/16 Monday, 10/22
Assignment 5: Texturing [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 10/23 Monday, 10/29
Assignment 6: Sampling [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 10/30 Monday, 11/5
Reference Image for Final Project [Assignment PDF] Sunday, 11/4 Monday, 11/26
Assignment 7: Acceleration Structures [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 11/6 Monday, 11/12
Assignment 8: Photon Mapping [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 11/13 Monday, 11/26
Final Project: Ray-Traced Image [Handout PDF] Monday, 10/15 See handout.

Hardware and Software

You are encouraged to do class assignments on your personal computer.

If you do not wish to develop on a personal computer, you will have access to the myth machines located in Gates B08. These 3.2 GHz DELL Dual-Xeon Linux boxes, named myth1 through myth16, are available for remote access. All students with a SUNetID automatically have accounts on these machines. Home directories are shared with the Stanford Computing Clusters using AFS. Please notify the course staff immediately if you have any issues with the homework assignments on these machines. In particular, the build instructions provided in the assignment writeups must be modified since users do not have superuser access for installing packages on the myth machines. A set of instructions to augment the assignment 1 build instructions is provided here.