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Assignments and Grading

Assignment 1: Blender Basics [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Sep 21 Monday, Sep 27
Assignment 2: Objects and Camera [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Sep 28 Monday, Oct 4
Assignment 3: Ray Tracing [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Oct 5 Monday, Oct 11
Assignment 4: Lighting and Shading [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Oct 12 Monday, Oct 18
Assignment 5: Understanding Raytracer [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Oct 19 Monday, Oct 25
Assignment 6: Advanced Rendering [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Oct 26 Monday, Nov 1
Assignment 7: Geometry Modeling [Link] [PDF] Thursday, Nov 4 Friday, Nov 12
Assignment 8: Texture Mapping [Link] [PDF] Thursday, Nov 11 Friday, Nov 19
Final Project Proposal Tuesday, Oct 19 Sunday, Nov 14
Final Project: Ray Traced Image [Link] [PDF] Tuesday, Oct 19 Thursday, Dec 9

Hardware and Software

You are encouraged to do class assignments on your personal computer.