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1 9/23, 9/25 Introduction Scanline Rendering HW 1: Covers lecture 2
2 9/30, 10/2 Geometric Modeling Shading HW 2: Covers lectures 3-4
3 10/7, 10/9 Texture Mapping More Texture Mapping HW 3: Covers lectures 5-6
4 10/14, 10/16 Student Demos for Scanline Image Student Demos for Scanline Image Scanline Image: Covers lectures 2-6
5 10/21, 10/23 Light & Optics 1 Light & Optics 2
6 10/28, 10/30 Light & Optics 3 Light & Optics 4 Take Home Assignment: Covers lectures 9-12
7 11/4, 11/6 Basic Ray Tracing Reflection and Transmission HW 4: Covers lectures 13-14
8 11/11, 11/13 Acceleration Structures Sampling HW 5: Covers lectures 15-16
9 11/18, 11/20 Advanced Rendering 1 Advanced Rendering 2
10 11/25, 11/27 Thanksgiving Recess Thanksgiving Recess HW 6: Covers lectures 17-18
11 12/2, 12/4 Student Demos for Ray Traced Image Student Demos for Ray Traced Image Ray Traced Image: Covers lectures 13-18

Supplemental Readings and Reference Materials

There are a number of supplemental readings and reference materials that describe OpenGL and OpenGL ES and touch on many of the topics we will study in this course. A number of these resources, in addition to many other OpenGL and programming books, are available (for free) through SULAIR for Stanford students. If applicable, the links below should allow you to access the books from within the Stanford network. If you are accessing the books from outside the Stanford network, you will need to configure your browser by following these instructions.

Course Outline

Content and slides for this course were borrowed from Pat Hanrahan's CS 148 and CS 348B classes, Marc Levoy's computational and digital photography classes, Bernd Girod's EE classes, Michael Lentine and Jon Su's CS 248 class, and James O' Brien and Ravi Ramamoorthi's classes at UC Berkeley.

Supplemental Readings are not mandatory, but are useful sources of information.