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This class has no in-class exams. During this time, you will present a live demo of your completed game. There will be no makeup time for the live demo in the case of conflicting classes as the Stanford University Registrar's policy states that "students must not register for classes with conflicting end-quarter exams."

Assignments and Grading

1 Create a Scene in Unity [Assignment PDF] [Slides] Tuesday, 1/9 Tuesday, 1/16
2 Animations in Unity [Assignment PDF] [Slides] Tuesday, 1/16 Monday, 1/29
3 Particle Systems and Rigid Body Simulation in Unity [Assignment PDF] [Windows Starter] [MacOS Starter] [Slides] Tuesday, 1/30 Monday, 2/12
4 Character Animation and Simulation [Assignment PDF] [IK Code] [Unity Starter Project] [Slides] Tuesday, 2/13 Monday, 2/26
5 Final Project Group and Proposal [Assignment PDF] Tuesday, 2/27 Monday, 3/5

Your final grade for the class will be a combination of the following grades:

Platforms and Collaboration