Winter Quarter 2019

Perspectives in Assistive Technology


David L. Jaffe, MS
Lathrop Library, Classroom 282
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:50pm

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Thursday, February 28th

photo of a faire

Assistive Technology Faire

Abstract: This 7th annual event provides an opportunity for students and community members to get an up-close look at a variety of devices and learn about available programs from product vendors and service agencies. Please browse to the Call for Assistive Technology Faire Participants webpage if you would like to participate in this event as a vendor of assistive technology products or services. Everyone is welcome to attend the faire.

Confirmed 2019 Vendor Participants:

photo of Human Floor Lift HFL-300

IndeeLift - The Human Floor Lift
Al Corce & Weldon Moreland COO
IndeeLift has developed a line of human floor lifts that are specifically designed to pick people up safely from the floor. The products address the growing need to help people up from the floor, avoiding further injury to the fallen or those who care for them. They are designed to lift people to a normal chair height allowing them to stand or transfer with the least amount of effort.

photo of Liftware products

Kalila Minor, Liftware Program Manager
Liftware's selection of stabilizing and leveling handles and utensil attachments are designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility retain dignity, confidence, and independence. Liftware Steady is designed to help people with hand tremor, which may be related to Parkinson's disease or essential tremor, while Liftware Level is designed to help people with limited hand and arm mobility, which may be related to cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Huntington's disease, or post-stroke deficits.

photo of modular wheelchair design

Disrupt Disability
Rachael Wallach, Founder and CEO
Disrupt Disability created Wheelwear, a modular wheelchair that can be continually customized to its user's changing body, environment, and individual style.

photo of Rapael Smart Glove

Siena Conde, MS OTR/L & Lauren Sheehan, OTD
Neofect creates biofeedback training devices that, through repetition and motor learning, encourage improvements in upper extremity range of motion, coordination, and timing. Product offerings include the Rapael smart rehabilitation software used with the Smart Glove, Smart Board, and Smart Kids devices.

GUSTO icon

Krystina Jackson
GUSTO designs and sells accessories for manual and power wheelchairs. The company seeks to elevate the wheelcahir experience by creating fresh, gorgeous accessories that give users options to express their individual style.

photo of Nathan & Abby

Canine Partners for Life
Abigayil Tamara & Service Dog Nathan and
Edward Crane & Service Dog Alepo
Canine Partners for Life (CPL) of Cochranville, PA trains and places service dogs with individuals with disabilities - including those who require alerts due to diabetic, cardiac, or seizure conditions - to increase their independence and quality of life. CPL is a non-profit organization, operating completely on donations, and charges recipients only a small fraction of the actual cost ($30,000) of training a dog (2 years).

photo of a child in a wheelchair and a service dog

Service Dog Training
Service Dog Tutor - Jean Cary and Service Dog Flicka
Service Dog Tutor adapts clients' own dogs to do specific service tasks for their owners. Clients include older adults and children who have mobility and balance challenges as well as cognitive disabilities.

2018 Vendor Participants:

photo of BeeLine Read app on a smartphone

BeeLine Reader
BeeLine Reader, Inc - Nick Lum
BeeLine Reader is a software tool that improves reading ability by displaying text using a color gradient that wraps from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This gradient pulls the reader’s eyes through the text, making reading easier. This approach is especially helpful for readers with dyslexia, ADHD, and various vision impairments.

 photo of TeleExercise activity

Dance4Healing Tele-exercise Live Video Platform
Dance4Healing - Amy Li
Dance4Healing is a tele-exercise live video platform leading telehealth into physical rehabilitation, bringing community support, exercise, and fun to home care. Inspired by founder Amy Li's stage IV cancer journey, our mission is to alleviate mental and physical pain and reduce medical costs. Rooted in neuroscience and published medical studies, our social platform connects dance teachers, clinicians, chronic patients, care-partners, elders, and healthy users. We use artificial intelligence and behavior design to provide and recommend personalized music, dance, buddies, and groups; use feedback from patient monitoring to record progress; and suggest follow-on therapies.

photo of RoScooter

ROTA Mobility - Michelle Koller
ROTA Mobility creates innovative exercise mobility products which their riders “ro-to-go” for better health and well-being. The RoScooter uses a self-propelling PSM (Power Steering Module) featuring CLD (Central Lever Drive) bicycle- style steering, gearing, and braking, enabling riders to exercise by simply going places. The RoChair has the same PSM as the RoScooter, but in a lightweight chair frame, allowing those who cannot use RoScooter, the same efficient manual propulsion to very quickly and easily get around, indoors and out.

Ability Tools logoAbility Tools logo

Ability Tools Device Lending Library
Silicon Valley Independent Living Center - Joe Escalante
Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) is a cross-disability, intergenerational, and multicultural disability justice organization that creates fully inclusive communities that value the dignity, equality, freedom and worth of every human being. SVILC maintains a lending library of assistive technology so consumers may borrow a device free of charge and try it before buying it, use it to compare similar devices, or to use while a personal device is being repaired.

photo of tableware set

Eatwell Tableware Set
Sha Design - Sha Yao
Eatwell is an assistive tableware set for people with special needs. It's universal, user-centric design can benefit those with cognitive (such as Alzheimer's and other dementia conditions), motor (Parkinson's disease and various scleroses), and physical impairments.

photo of powered clothing on a user's back

Powered Clothing™
Seismic - Avery Herron and Paudie Walsh
Seismic strives to shape human potential through a new integration of apparel and robotics we call Powered Clothing™. Our mission is to create apparel that improves the lives of everyone – no matter their age, health, or fitness goals. Seismic’s Wearable Strength™ is changing how technology can improve life.

photo of GlowaSwtch

Luminescent Insulating Light Switch Plates
LUMINNO™ - David Shaw
GlowaSwitch™ is a patented light switch plate that utilizes a long persistence photoluminescent material to glow all night long making locating light switches in the dark safer for the elderly, children, just about everyone. Each plate is paired with a fire retardant foam gasket that insulates the switch hole from air draft to help conserve energy. The white foam backing also retro reflects light through the translucent plate to further enhance the glow effect. A convex form makes the glow visible from afar at any angle. Because the glow material charges with natural and artificial light, it uses no electricity, requires no wiring, and consumes no energy at all regardless of how many are installed. GlowaSwitch adds overnight glow safety and energy-saving insulation features to upgrade the ubiquitous light switch plate which has done nothing more than cover a hole in the wall for the past century. "GlowaSwitch is the light switch plate reinvented."

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Assistive Technology Faire Material:
Photos - 1.84 Mb pdf file
Ron's photos - 358 Kb pdf file
Canine Partners for Life - 297 Kb pdf file
My Assistance Dog - Facebook
Service Dog Tutor - 2018 Update - 579 Kb pdf file
Rota Mobility - RoScooter - 721 Kb pdf file
LUMINNO™ - GlowaSwitch™ - 422 Kb pdf file
Eatwell - Introduction & Features - 272 Kb pdf file

Updated 11/06/2018

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