1.  If I am not registered for the course, can I sit in on class?

No.  Only registered students can attend class.

2.  If I am TGR, can I still take this course?

Yes.  TGR students can take up to 3 credits per quarter without exceeding TGR tuition.  Professional & Leadership Development is a 2 credit course.

3.  If I am TGR, how do I register for the course?

If you are selected through the application process to take the course, you can register in Axess.

4.  Can post-docs take this course?

No.  This year, enrollment is limited to bioscience graduate students.  We hope that in future years there will be a section for post-docs.

5.  How much homework will the course have?

Since graduate students are already very busy, there will be some but not a lot of work outside of class.

If you have additional questions, contact the course directors.

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