Please submit all assignments electronically via email to, with RAD229 in the subject line, or on paper to Lucas Center Rm P260, 1201 Welch Rd, Stanford.

Please do not share solutions outside the class without permission, as this is an honor code violation.

Homework 1 due Wed, Oct 3, 11:59pm.

Homework 2 due Wed, Oct 10, 11:59pm.

Homework 3 due Wed, Oct 17, 11:59pm.

Homework 4 due Wed, Oct 24, 11:59pm.

Homework 5 due Mon, Nov 12, 11:59pm.

Homework 6 due Wed, Nov 21, 11:59pm.

Homework 7 due Thurs, Nov 29, 11:59pm.

Homework 8 due Thurs, Dec 6: 11:59pm.

Solutions (Only for registered students)

Acknowledgements: Some data for these assignments are adapted from John Pauly's Image Reconstruction Class, as well as from