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Order Management Business Process Redesign Project


The purpose of the Order Management Redesign project is to develop one Order Management Process for all billable IT services. During April 2006, the individual project teams are designing new workflows to accommodate the proposed IT Services Order Management Workflow.

The team recommendations will be reviewed in May by IT Services leadership and the team leads. An implementation plan will be created and publicized once the team recommendations are finalized.

The teams are developing their recommendations guided by the following objectives and assumptions:

Objectives of Order Management Redesign

  • Improve client experience with ordering of IT services.
  • Develop a single point of entry to request any IT Services billable services using existing systems and applications.
  • Improve efficiency of order processing, so that every request, internal and external, can be tracked from start to finish.
  • Provide predictable acknowledgement/communication to the client on order status through order cycle.
  • Improve consistency in requesting and fulfilling an IT Services billable service.
  • Improve billing accuracy.


  • All client requests for all billable IT services will be entered and billed through Pinnacle.
  • Individual IT Services work groups may use other systems for tracking internal work flow.
  • Individual work groups will not take orders directly for billable client request for IT services.
  • Shared Application Services, Shared Communication Services and Client Support work group procedures and processes may need to be designed/redesigned to meet single point of order entry and billing objectives.

Project Teams

Project Documentation

Prior Efforts/Work

More Information

For more information contact Jay Kohn, Kathryn Osawa, or any team lead.

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