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Before emailing us with a question, please check our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question remains unanswered, please feel free to email us at

Because we are all college students who like checking our email, emailing us is the quickest way to reach us. Stanford Archery does not have a land phone, and for privacy reasons, we do not give out our personal cell phone numbers. We will respond to emails in a timely manner. Please be patient if we do not respond within the first day or two.

Stanford Archery Directors

If you have specific concerns, please address your email in the subject line to the relevant person below:
Head Coach: Francis Parchaso
Assistant Coach: Jeff Zhang
Assistant Coach: Shanna Erickson

President: Yuki Inoue
Financial Director: Hana Lee
Equipment Director: Min Cheol Kim
Team Manager: Tiffany Lam
JOAD Director: Neven Wang-Tomic
Community Programs: Mark Holmstrom
Collegiate Director: Hali Mo
Recruiting Director: Tabitha Walker
Summer Camp Director: Nicolas Quach
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