This page contains information about the members of the Aerospace Robotics Laboratory: faculty, staff, current students, and lab graduates.

The students, who are mostly Ph.D. candidates, come from many fields in engineering. Current lab members are aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists. This diversity allows the members of the lab to draw upon one another's experiences to solve complicated problems.

While students are the ARL's greatest assets, its graduates are its greatest products. ARL graduates are making significant impacts in government, industry, and academia. When possible, the links below contain current contact information.


Steve Rock Director and Professor
Robert H. Cannon Founder and Professor Emeritus


Godwin Zhang Robotics Lab EE Designer
Sherann Ellsworth Manager of Guidance & Controls Laboratories, A/A Dept
Dana Parga Administrative Assistant

Current Students

Ashley Clark Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Asteroid Exploration
Steven Krukowski Path Planning for Terrain Relative Underwater Missions
Aditya Mahajan Adaptive Exploration for Mapping of Complex Environments
Andrew Smith Heavy lift helicopter teams
David Stonestrom Robust sonar interpretation for aggressive terrain following
Ozhan Turgut System identification and control of vertical instabilities in advance particle accelerators.


Sarah Houts AA Ph.D. 2017
Jose Padial AA Ph.D. 2017
Shandor Dektor AA Ph.D. 2016
Marcus Hammond AA Ph.D. 2016
Eleanor Crane AA Ph.D. 2014
Roland Burton AA Ph.D. 2013
Nicolas Lee AA Ph.D. 2013
Stephen Russell AA Ph.D. 2013
Kiran Murthy AA Ph.D. 2012
Daniel Sheinfeld AA Ph.D. 2012
Sean Augenstein AA Ph.D. 2011
Peter Kimball AA Ph.D. 2011
Debbie Meduna AA Ph.D. 2011
Daniel Chavez-Clemente AA Ph.D. 2010
Alan Chen AA Ph.D. 2010
Kristof Richmond ME Ph.D. 2009
Sungmoon Joo AA Ph.D. 2009
Jinwhan Kim AA Ph.D. 2007
Teresa Miller AA Ph.D. 2007
Jack Langelaan AA Ph.D. 2006
Aaron Plotnik AA Ph.D. 2006
Tim Bretl AA Ph.D. 2005
Masayoshi Matsuoka AA Ph.D. 2005
Eric Prigge EE Ph.D. 2005
Chris Clark AA/CS Ph.D. 2004
Jorge Moraleda EE Ph.D. 2004
Jason Rife AA Ph.D. 2004
Eric Frew AA Ph.D. 2003
Andreas Huster EE Ph.D. 2003
Hank Jones AA Ph.D. 2003
Edward LeMaster AA Ph.D. 2002
Luis Rodrigues AA Ph.D. 2002
Robert Kindel AA Ph.D. 2001
Kortney Leabourne AA Ph.D. 2001
Chad Partridge EE Eng. 2001
Andrew D. Robertson AA Ph.D. 2001
Heidi Schubert AA Ph.D. 2001
Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut ME Ph.D. 2001
Bruce Woodley EE Ph.D. 2001
Tobé Corazzini AA Ph.D. 2000
Steve Fleischer AA Ph.D. 2000
Melvin Ni AA Eng. 2000
David Miles AA Ph.D. 1997
Eric Miles AA Ph.D. 1997
H.D. Stevens AA Ph.D. 1997
Howard Wang AA Ph.D. 1996
Kurt Zimmerman EE Ph.D. 1996
Andrew Conway EE Ph.D. 1995
Rick Marks AA Ph.D. 1995
Tim McLain ME Ph.D. 1995
Gerardo Pardo-Castellote EE Ph.D. 1995
Jeff Russakow ME Ph.D. 1995
Ed Wilson ME Ph.D. 1995
Bill Balhaus AA Ph.D. 1994
Dave Meer ME Ph.D. 1994
Larry Alder AA Ph.D. 1993
Vince Chen EE Ph.D. 1993
Bill Dickson AA Ph.D. 1993
Larry Pfeffer AA Ph.D. 1993
Marc Ullman AA Ph.D. 1993
Rob Vasquez AA Ph.D. 1992
Celia Oakley ME Ph.D. 1991
Roberto Zanutta ME Ph.D. 1991
Brian Andersen AA Ph.D. 1990
Warren Jasper AA Ph.D. 1990
Ross Koningstein AA Ph.D. 1990
Chris Uhlik EE Ph.D. 1990
Ray Kraft AA Ph.D. 1989
Harold Alexander EE Ph.D. 1988
Mike Hollars AA Ph.D. 1988
Stan Schneider EE Ph.D. 1988
Daniel Rovner AA Ph.D. 1987
Mike Sidman EE Ph.D. 1986
Wen-Wie Chiang AA Ph.D. 1985
Bruce Gardner Ph.D. 1985
Jim Maples EE Ph.D. 1985
Eric Schmitz AA Ph.D. 1985
Dan Rosenthal AA Ph.D. 1984
Uy-Loi Ly AA Ph.D. 1982