Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi
Phone: (650) 721-4781
Email: bertozzi (at) stanford (dot) edu
Twitter: @CarolynBertozzi

Asia Avelino
Phone: (650) 721-4782
Email: aavelino (at) stanford (dot) edu

Sia Kruschke
Phone: (650) 721-4785
Email: siak (at) stanford (dot) edu

Maryann Koopman Kelly
Assistant to Editor-in-Chief, ACS Central Science
Phone: (650) 723-3756
Email: maryannk (at) Stanford (dot) edu

Meridee Mannino
Lab Manager
Phone: (650) 725-0276
Email: merideem (at) stanford (dot) edu

Lab Phones
Phone: (650) 721-4783

BSL3 Lab
(650) 721-4784

Mailing Address

Bertozzi Lab
Department of Chemistry
380 Roth Way MC: 5080
Stanford CA 94305-4401

Location: William M. Keck Science Building