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Slavic in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar cover

Slavic in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar

edited by Robert D. Borsley and Adam Przepiórkowski

This volume addresses several important aspects of the Slavic languages from the constraint-based perspective of Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG). The papers in this volume are concerned with complex and often neglected phenomena. Among the main topics discussed in this book are: case system, diathesis, cliticization, binding, multiple extraction, word order, the syntax and semantics of negative concord, the complement-adjunct distinction, and the phonology-phonetics interface. The HPSG analyses offered in this book often considerably extend those proposed in other frameworks.

This volume should be of considerable interest to scholars working within HPSG or other constraint-based frameworks. It not only broadens the empirical coverage of HPSG, but many of the papers presented here also propose interesting extensions and modifications of the theory in such areas as semantics, phonology and the representation of constituency.

Robert D. Borsley is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor. Adam Przepiórkowski is a research scientist at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, and was a doctoral student in linguistics at the University of Tübingen, Germany.


  • Contributors
  • Preface

  • 1 Typological Similarities in HPSG
    Tania Avgustinova, Wojciech Skut and Hans Uszkoreit
  • 2 Auxiliaries, Verbs and Complementizers in Polish
    Robert D. Borsley
  • 3 An Architecture for Phonology
    Tilman N. Höhle
  • 4 Hapology of the Polish Reflexive Marker
    Anna Kupść
  • 5 Towards a Binding Theory for Pholish
    Małgorzata Marciniak
  • 6 Linearization and WH-Extractiong in HPSG
    Gerald Penn
  • 7 On Complements and Adjuncts in Polish
    Adam Przepiórkowski
  • 8 Eventuality Negation and Negative Concord
    Adam Przepiórkowski and Anna Kupść
  • 9 Negative Concord in Polish
    Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer
  • 10 Syntax and Morphological Realization in Serbo-Croation
    Stephen Wechsler and Larisa Zlatić
  • References
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575861747 (9781575861746)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575861755 (9781575861753)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575869810 (9781575869810)

Subject: Linguistics; Slavic Languages--Grammar; Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)

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