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Constraints and Resources in Natural Language Syntax and Semantics cover

Constraints and Resources in Natural Language Syntax and Semantics

edited by Gosse Bouma, Erhard Hinrichs, Geert-Jan M. Kruijff, and Richard Oehrle

This collection draws together recent work on constraint-based and resource-sensitive approaches to the grammar of natural languages. Some of the issues addressed are: extraction phenomena in a range of languages, the syntax of nominal phrases, the role of argument structure, defining the interface between syntax and morphology and between semantics and prosody, quantifier scope, remnant movement, construction grammar, and formal and computational aspects of grammar formalisms. This volume brings together the leading linguists, logicians, and computer scientists working on Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar and Categorial Grammar. Derived from two recent conferences on Formal Grammar and Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar in Aix (1997) and Saarbrücken (1998), this volume represents the most current work in these frameworks.

Gosse Bouma an associate professor at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the The Netherlands. Erhard Hinrichs is professor of general and computational linguistics at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Germany. Geert-Jan M. Kruijff is affiliated with Charles University in Prague. Richard Oehrle is affiliated with the University of Arizona.


  • Part I Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar
  • 1 Linearisation and WH-extraction in HPSG: evidence from Serbo-Croatian
    Emily Bender and Dan Flickinger
  • 2 Minor and expletive pronouns
    Frank van Eynde
  • 3 Morphosyntactic paradoxa in Fox: an account in linearisation-based morphology
    Berthold Crysman
  • 4 The nominal status of English determiners
    Andreas Kathol
  • 5 VP Relatives in German
    Erhard Hinrichs and Tsuneko Nakazawa
  • 6 Using lexical principles in HPSG to generalize over valence properties
    Detmar Meurers
  • 7 Towards a general theory of partial constituent fronting in German
    Kordula De Kuthy and Detmar Meurers
  • 8 On certain properties of Romanian auxiliary (and modal) verbs
    Paola Monachesi
  • 9 Subject inversion in French extraction contexts
    Olivier Bonami, Daniele Godard and Jean-Marie Marandin
  • 10 Noun-phrases as NPs - the case of Hebrew
    Shuly Wintner
  • Part II Resource-sensitive Approaches
  • 11 Unbounded dependencies in non-commutative linear logic
    Claudia Cassadio
  • 12 Topic and focus structures: the dynamics of tree growth
    Wilfried Meyer-Viol and Ruth Kempson
  • 13 Constants of grammatical reasoning
    Michael Moortgat
  • 14 Binding as term rewriting
    Richard Oehrle
  • Part III Information Packaging and Semantics
  • 15 Pitch accent and structure: a proof-theoretic account of alignment
    Herman Hendriks
  • 16 Linkhood and polydefinites
    Dimitra Kolliakou
  • 17 How to match the mismatch: prosody-syntax interface for Japanese spoken sentences
    Kei Yoshimoto
  • 18 Vague quantifiers and complement anaphora
    Rodger Kibble
  • 19 Flashbacks in narrative discourse
    Frank Schilder
  • Part IV Formal and Computational Issues
  • 20 Modular Integration and interpretation of principles in CF-PSG Technology based HPSG processing architectures
    Josef van Genabith
  • 21 A Formal interpretation of relations and quantification
    Frank Richter, Manfred Sailer and Gerald Penn
  • 22 Extending the termination domain for DCG parsers
    Christian Wartena and Jens Michaelis
  • 23 Spines along outermost branches are enough
    Christian Wartena and Jens Michaelis
  • 24 Towards incremental lexical acquisition in HPSG
    Petra Barg and Markus Walther
  • 25 Remnant movement and complexity
    Ed Stabler
  • 26 An informal sketch of a formal architecture for construction grammar
    Paul Kay
  • 27 Synchronous local tree description grammars and underspecified representations for scope ambiguities
    Laura Kallmeyer


ISBN (Paperback — OUT OF PRINT): 1575862220 (9781575862224)
ISBN (Cloth — OUT OF PRINT): 1575862212 (9781575862217)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575869799 (9781575869797)

Subject: Linguistics; Grammar--Syntax; Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG)

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