Heilshorn Biomaterials Group

Current Members

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Principal Investigator

Our laboratory is a team of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers advised by Prof. Sarah Heilshorn. Our group members come from many departments across campus including Materials Science, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, MD/PhD, and Mechanical Engineering.

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PhD Students

Adi de la Zerda

6th Year PhD - Materials Science

adidlz at stanford dot edu

Brad Krajina

5th Year PhD - Chemical Engineering

bkrajina at stanford dot edu

Erica Castillo

4th Year PhD - Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Microenviroment for Heart Muscle Cells - iPSC-CMs

ericasti at stanford dot edu

Daniel Hunt

4th Year PhD - Chemical Engineering

Engineered Intestinal Microenvironments as Preclinical Drug Screening Platforms

dhunt at stanford dot edu

Chris Lindsay

4th Year PhD - Materials Science

Hydrogel Materials for Orthopedic Integration

clinds at stanford dot edu

Nick Suhar

3rd Year PhD - Materials Science

ELP-based Nerve Guides for the Treatment of Peripheral Nerve Injury

nsuhar at stanford dot edu

Alex Berry

2nd Year PhD - Materials Science

Degradable Materials as Sacrificial Inks in 3D Bioprinting

awberry at stanford dot edu

Bauer LeSavage

2nd Year PhD - Bioengineering

Protein-Engineered Biomaterials for Probing Stem Cell Behavior

lesavage at stanford dot edu

Alexis Seymour

2nd Year PhD - Bioengineering

aseymour at stanford dot edu


Abbygail Foster

PhD Chemical Engineering

Protein-Engineered Hydrogels for Gene Delivery and Cell Transplantation

Mike Kratochvil

PhD Chemistry

Hydrogel Models for Exploring Immune Cell Mechanobiology

Undergraduate Students

Alice Wang

BS Materials Science

Effects of Cell Transplantation Therapies on Endogenous Tissue Regeneration Using Immunohistochemical Methods

Audrey Zhu

BS Chemical Engineering

Lab Manager & Research Scientist

Ruby Eka Dewi


Visiting Scientists

  • Chen-Hung (James) Lee

Rotation Students

  • Eva de la Serna
  • John Eugenis
  • Julien Roth

Support Staff

  • Naomi Tudor - Administrative Assistant