Feldman Lab Publications

Michael V. Tran, Daria Khuntsariya, Richard D. Fetter, James W. Ferguson, Jennifer T. Wang, Alexandra F. Long, Lauren E. Cote,
Stephen R. Wellard, Nabor Vázquez-Martínez, Maria D. Sallee, Mariya Genova, Maria M. Magiera, Sani Eskinazi, Jessica D. Lee,
Nina Peel, Carsten Janke, Tim Stearns, Kang Shen, Zdenek Lansky, Jérémy Magescas, Jessica L. Feldman. (2023)
MAP9/MAPH-9 supports axonemal microtubule doublets and modulates motor movement.
Developmental Cell. Accepted

Victor F. Naturale, Melissa A. Pickett, Jessica L. Feldman (2023)
E-cadherin/HMR-1 and PAR-3 break symmetry at stable cell contacts in a developing epithelium.
Developmental Cell. 58(19); 1-17

Victor F. Naturale, Melissa A. Pickett, Jessica L. Feldman (2022)
Context matters: Lessons in epithelial polarity from the C. elegans intestine and other tissues. (2022)
Current Topics in Developmental Biology; 154: 37-71.

Jessica L. Feldman (2022)
Microtubules in Differentiated Cells.
Encyclopedia of Cell Biology. In press

Melissa A. Pickett, Maria D. Sallee, Victor F. Naturale, Deniz Alpinaroglu, Joo Lee, Kang Shen,
Jessica L. Feldman. (2022)
Separable mechanisms drive local and global polarity establishment in the C. elegans intestinal epithelium.
Development. 149(22): dev200325

Lauren E. Cote & Jessica L. Feldman (2022)
Won’t you be my neighbor: How epithelial cells connect together to build global tissue polarity.
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology; 10

Ariana D. Sanchez & Jessica L. Feldman. (2021)
A proximity labeling protocol to probe proximity interactions in C. elegans.
STAR Protocols; 2(4): 100986

Joo Lee, Jérémy Magescas, Jessica L. Feldman, Kang Shen. (2021)
Inherited apicobasal polarity defines axon-dendritic polarity in a sensory neuron.
Current Biology; 31(17): 3768-3783

Ariana D. Sanchez, Tess Branon, Lauren E. Cote, Alexandros Papagiannakis, Xing Liang, Melissa A. Pickett,
Kang Shen, Christine Jacobs-Wagner, Alice Y. Ting, Jessica L. Feldman. (2021)
Proximity labeling reveals non-centrosomal microtubule organizing centers components required for
microtubule growth and localization

Current Biology; 31(16): 3586-3600

Maria D. Sallee, Melissa A. Pickett, Jessica L. Feldman. (2021)
Apical PAR complex proteins protect against programmed epithelial assaults to create a continuous
and functional intestinal lumen.

eLife; 10: e64437

Jérémy Magescas, Sani Eskinazi, Michael V. Tran, Jessica L. Feldman. (2021)
Centriole-less PCM serves as a microtubule organizing center at the base of C. elegans sensory cilia.
Current Biology; 31(11): 2410-2417

Maria D. Sallee & Jessica L. Feldman. (2021)
Microtubule organization across cell types and states.
Current Biology; 31(10): R506-R511

Abraham Q. Kohrman, Rebecca C. Adikes, Michael A. Q. Martinez, Nicholas J. Palmisano, Jayson J. Smith,
Taylor N. Medwig-Kinney, Mingwei Min, Maria D. Sallee, Ononnah B. Ahmed, Nuri Kim, Simeiyun Liu,
Robert D. Morabito, Nicholas Weeks, Wan Zhang, Jessica L. Feldman, Michalis Barkoulas, Ariel M. Pani,
Sabrina L. Spencer, Benjamin L. Martin, David Q. Matus. (2020)
Visualizing the metazoan proliferation-quiescence decision in vivo.
eLife; 19: e63265

Xing Liang, Marcela Kokes, Jing Yan, Maria D. Sallee, Adrian W. Moore, Jessica L. Feldman**, Kang Shen**. (2020)
Growing tip-localized microtubule organizing center determines microtubule orientation in dendrites.
eLife. 2020; 9: e56547
**Co-corresponding authors

Jeremy Magescas, Jennifer C. Zonka, Jessica L. Feldman. (2019)
A two-step mechanism for the inactivation of microtubule organizing center function at the centrosome.
eLife. 2019; 8: e47867

Melissa A. Pickett**, Victor F. Naturale**, Jessica L. Feldman. (2019)
A polarizing issue: Diversity in mechanisms underlying apico-basolateral polarization in vivo.
Annual Reviews in Cell and Developmental Biology. 2019; 35: 285-308

Maria D. Sallee, Jennifer C. Zonka, Taylor D. Skokan, Brian C. Raftrey, Jessica L. Feldman. (2018)
Tissue-specific degradation of essential centrosome components reveals
distinct microtubule populations at microtubule organizing centers.

PLOS Biology. 2018; 16(8): e2005189.

Tess C. Branon, Justin A. Bosch, Ariana D. Sanchez, Namrata D. Udeshi, Tanya Svinkina, Steven A. Carr,
Jessica L. Feldman, Norbert Perrimon, & Alice Y. Ting. (2018)
Directed evolution of TurboID for efficient proximity labeling in living cells and organisms.
Nature Biotechnology. 2018; 36(9): 880-887.

Ethan S. Winter**, Anna Schwartz**, Gunar Fabig**, Jessica L. Feldman**, Andre Pires da Silva, Thomas Muller-Reichert,
Penny L. Sadler, & Diane C. Shakes. (2017)
Cytoskeletal variations in an asymmetric cell division support diversity in nematode sperm size and sex ratios
**Authors contributed equally to this work
Development. 2017; 144: 3253-63.
- Highlighted in: Development. 2017; 144: e1801.
- Featured in: The Node, Sept. 20, 2017

Ariana D. Sanchez & Jessica L. Feldman. (2017)
Microtubule-organizing centers: from the centrosome to non-centrosomal sites
Current Opinions in Cell Biology. 2017; 44: 92-101.

Maria D. Sallee & Jessica L. Feldman. (2015)
Flipping the switch: regulating MTOC location
Cell Cycle. 2015; 14(22); 3519-20.

Renzhi Yang & Jessica L. Feldman. (2015)
SPD-2/CEP192 and CDK are limiting for microtubule-organizing center function at the centrosome.
Current Biology. 2015; 25(14); 1924-31.


How Cell Biologists Work: Jessica Feldman, from blue monkeys to buying all the lottery tickets
J. Heppert, 2017, ASCB Post

Jessica Feldman: Microtubule organizing function dives off the centrosome
C. Sedwick, Journal of Cell Biology, 2016; 212(5) 484-5

Other Publications:

Elisa Kannegaard, E. Hesper Rego, Sebastian Schuck, Jessica L. Feldman, and Wallace F. Marshall. (2014)
Quantitative analysis and modeling of katanin function in flagellar length control.
Mol Biol Cell. 25(22):3686-98

Mark M. Slabodnick, J. Graham Ruby, Joshua G. Dunn, Jessica L. Feldman, Joseph L. DeRisi, and Wallace F. Marshall. (2014)
The kinase regulator mob1 acts as a patterning protein for Stentor morphogenesis.
PLoS Biol. 12(5): e1001861

Jeffrey P. Rasmussen, Jessica L. Feldman, Sowmya S. Reddy, and James R. Priess (2013)
Cell interactions and patterned intercalations shape and link epithelial tubes in C. elegans.
PLoS Genetics 2013; 9(9)

Jessica L. Feldman & James R. Priess. (2012)
A role for the centrosome and PAR-3 in the hand-off of MTOC function during epithelial polarization.
Current Biology. 2012; 22(7); 575-582.
- Reviewed in: Current Biology. 2012; 22(8): R281-3.

Shannon Dennis, Ujwal Sheth**, Jessica L. Feldman**, Kathryn A. English, James R. Priess. (2012)
C. elegans germ cells show temperature and age-dependent expression of Cer1, a Gypsy/Ty3-related retrotransposon.
**Authors contributed equally to this work
PLoS Pathogen. 2012; 8(3)

Benjamin D. Engel, Hiroaki Ishikawa, Jessica L. Feldman, Christopher W. Wilson, PT Chuang, J Snedecor, J Williams, Z Sun, Wallace F. Marshall. (2011)
A cell-based screen for inhibitors of flagella-driven motility in Chlamydomonas reveals a novel modulator of ciliary length and retrograde actin flow.
Cytoskeleton. 68(3): 188-203

Jessica L. Feldman & Wallace F. Marshall. (2009)
ASQ2 encodes a TBCC-like protein required for mother-daughter centriole linkage and mitotic spindle orientation.
Current Biology. 2009; 19(14): 1238-43

M Qasim Rasi, Jeremy D. Parker, Jessica L. Feldman, Wallace F. Marshall, Lynne M. Quarmby. (2009)
Katanin knockdown supports a role for microtubule severing in release of basal bodies before mitosis in Chlamydomonas
Mol Biol Cell. 20(1):379-88

Brian R. Keegan, Jessica L. Feldman, Gerritt Begemann, Philip W. Ingham, & Deborah Yelon. (2005)
Retinoic acid signaling restricts the cardiac progenitor pool
Science. 307(5707): 247-249

Ivan Zamora, Jessica L. Feldman, & Wallace F. Marshall. (2004)
PCR-based assay for mating type and diploidy in Chlamydomonas
Biotechniques. 2004; 37(4): 534-6

Jessica L. Feldman, & Wallace F. Marshall. (2004)
Centrioles: Bad to be Bald?
Current Biology. 2004; 14: 659-660

Deborah Yelon, Jessica L. Feldman, & Brian R. Keegan. (2002)
Genetic regulation of cardiac patterning in zebrafish
Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol. 2002; 67: 19-25

Brian R. Keegan**, Jessica L. Feldman**, Diana H. Lee, David S. Koos, Robert K. Ho, Didier Y.R. Stainier, and Deborah Yelon. (2002)
Pandora/Spt6 and Foggy/Spt5 promote transcription in the zebrafish embryo
**Authors contributed equally to this work
Development. 2002 Apr; 129(7): 1623-32