Principal Investigator

Karla Kirkegaard

Violetta L. Horton Research Professor of Genetics

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates

Emma Abernathy


I'm interested in how RNA viruses manipulate the autophagy pathway for viral replication and spread. I am looking at what cellular components of the autophagy pathway are needed for viral replication and mechanistically how these components are utilized by viruses.

Lisa Selzer


My research focuses on discovering dominant drug targets in Influenza A virus. I am especially interested using Biophysics and High Throughput Screening to identify oligomeric Influenza A virus targets.

Elvin Lauron


My goal is to understand the mechanisms of immune regulation by the long non-coding RNA NeST. I am also interested in the influence of NeST on innate and adaptive immunity, particularly against viral infections.

Graduate Students

Dorothy Tovar

Graduate Student

Many recently emerged viral diseases including Nipah, Marburg, SARS, and Ebola are hypothesized to have their origins in bats. I am interested in investigating innate immune mechanisms employed by bats to combat viral infection.
Co-supervised by Liz Hadly.

Jasmine Moshiri

Graduate Student

I am interested in understanding the replication mechanisms of Dengue virus and developing novel anti-viral therapeutics.

Olivia de Goede

Graduate Student

I'm studying genetic variation in the lncRNA gene NEST in humans. My goal is to discover the regulatory roles NEST plays in immune responses, and to connect variation in this gene to inflammatory disease pathophysiology.
Co-supervised by Stephen Montgomery.

Jennifer Doherty

Graduate Student


Claude Nagamine

Associate Professor of Comparative Medicine